We consider how working mums with the weight of the world on their shoulders might be a little gentler with themselves and use the time away from work in ways that really count.

Forbes contributor and working mum, Margie Warrell wrote an article titled, “Dear working mothers: stop feeling so guilty”. With well over 85,000 views, it’s plain to see that the article resonated with working mums around the world. Its popularity demonstrated how so many mums feel overwhelmed by the dual pressure of managing the demands of a job while being bludgeoned by contemporary society’s expectations of not only being a mum (a huge job in itself) but also of being the perfect mum.

The most important thing a mother can do…

The article shows how the most important thing a mum can do is not necessarily attend each and every sports game or sign up for all the parenting talks but rather to make sure that your kids know that they’re loved. She pleads with mums to:

  • “Accept trade-offs as inevitable.”
  • Stop feeling pressured by what the “parenting police” tell you how you should or shouldn’t be doing things.
  • “Lower your bar to ‘good enough’.”
  • “Refuse to buy into guilt mongers.”

What’s most important is the individual relationship between mum and child and this brings us to her final point: “Don’t dilute your presence with distraction”. When you are with your children, how can you make the most of that time with them?


Be fully present

When you’ve got a lot on your plate it’s easy to get distracted or fall into your natural habit of multitasking, but because your time with your children is so precious it’s worth going out of your way to make sure you don’t let work distractions in. Sometimes leaving the housework and outsourcing some of your everyday errands might be just what you need to carve out that special hour of time for your kids. So once you’ve managed to make the time, make a conscious decision to be fully present. Warrell says: “I often take my kids out for hot chocolate at a local café as a ‘special treat’ – for me as well as them – which removes me from the magnetic pull of my home office.”

Reward yourself

You and your kids work hard through the year so when holidays come around they should be rewarding for the whole family – fun and relaxing in equal parts. Once you’ve found the right family-friendly location the legwork has been done for you. Numerous studies point to the importance of holidays to physical and mental health. Over long periods stress and exhaustion take a heavy toll on bodies leading to a number of deficiencies and illness. Holidays provide some respite from the demands of contemporary urban life. In an era of excessive pressure from work, we too often feel obliged to put quality family time on the backburner. According to Edward De Bono, “What is urgent will always take precedence over what is important.” It’s vital to make a concerted effort to prioritise what (or rather, who) we value most.

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