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The ultimate guide for cycling in Costa Blanca

Cycling in Costa Blanca is what cyclists dreams are made of. This incredible area set in the southeastern part of Spain, in the province of Alicante, has some of the most beautiful landscapes around.
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It’s made up of some 200 km of coastline, various mountains, stretches of fine white sandy beaches, almond trees, vineyards, and orchards. Its terrain is not only breathtaking but makes for cycling routes that suit every fitness level. With this, and over 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s little wonder the Costa Blanca is a cyclists playground all year-round. Here is a taste of what you can expect when cycling in Costa Blanca:

The Routes

Here are some of the top routes to try when cycling in Costa Blanca (choose the best ones for your cycling ability).

- The Queen’s Route – a distance of 117 km with a total elevation gain of          2.350 m

- The Mountainous Route – 84 km with a total elevation gain of 1.310 m

- The Semi-mountainous Route – 77 km with a total elevation gain of                1.500 m

- Flat – Semi-mountainous Route – 86 km with a total elevation gain of            1.090 m

- Semi-mountainous Route with 100 bends – 80 km with a total                          elevation gain of 2.350

- Coastal Route Around the Seven Bays and End of a Major Stage of the           Vuelta a España 2015 – 96 km with a total elevation gain of 1.800 km

- Interior Route Through Three Valleys – 130 km with a total elevation             gain of 2.100 m



One of the most famous destinations to call your base when cycling in Costa Blanca is Calpe. This charming old fishing town has so much in the way of cycling routes and and options for off-road adventures. And, because it’s such a cycling haven, it has a phenomenal biking infrastructure, as well as culture.

The town itself is well-equipped to cater to any of your cycling needs. Whether it’s parts for your bikes, a bike itself or cycling gear, you can rest assured that if you stay in Calpe as your base, you can trust that you will be in good hands.

Calpe offers more than its bike scene however, with spectacular beaches, an amazing climate, wonderful restaurants, shopping opportunities, sights and ample outdoor activities. It’s a marvellous destination all around for family holidays as well as summer or winter training grounds.

Where to stay

If you are taken by the idea of staying in Calpe while cycling in Costa Blanca, then the AR Diamante Beach hotel is the ideal spot. Right on one of the best beaches in Calpe, this hotel also serves as the starting point for many of the abovementioned routes.  This cyclist-friendly hotel has a number of special services for those cycling in Costa Blanca. These include:

- Special rates for groups

- Parking for your bike

- Spa sessions are offered to help sore muscles heal

- Cleaning and maintenance service for bikes

- A gymnasium for fitness training off the bike

- Staff that are also cycling experts

- Comfortable rooms to relax in after a day out on the saddle

- A special buffet option to ensure ample options that will suit a cyclists diet

If you are interested in finding out more information about cycling in Costa Blanca, then download our incredible guide AR Hotels Calpe and Costa Blanca cycling guide. Alternatively, contact us to book a stay at one of our incredible Costa Blanca hotels for the cycling trip of a lifetime.

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