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Go deep into Calpe, it’s one of the best destinations to work remotely.

2020 has changed our lives and many changes have come to stay. For example, the remote work. All companies and employees adapted and changed their habits. Here we show you new destinations to work remotely this 2021.
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The COVID-19 has completely changed our lives in many aspects and working has been one of them. Many employees said goodbye to the offices in March and, after 9 months, most of them haven’t returned yet. Because of this, we had to reinvent ourselves and create new working and residential trends.

There is one concept that has appeared because of these working changes, the workation. This word unites working and having a healthier lifestyle or better quality of life (vacation). This trend allows us to move the remote work and become a digital nomad.
Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Do you still have doubts? Becoming a digital nomad and working in a nice environment, together with some quality and leisure time, affect positively in the worker’s motivation and productivity.

It has many benefits also for the economic sector, for example, the working tourism increases and allows usually uninhabited areas to be used in the working field.

Lanzarote, las Rías Baixas, Mallorca, Granada, Asturias… These are some of the best places to live and work remotely in Spain. They are destinations which give you the peace and relax that you need in order to work efficiently. But, without any doubt, one of the favourite destinations is the province of Alicante.
Best Cities for Working Remotely

If your ideal destination is the beach, the good weather and the serenity during the winter time, Calpe is the perfect place. The nice temperatures during all year and the surroundings that involve this destination of the Valencian Community, allow you to work in a relaxed and useful way.

From AR Hotels & Resorts we have prepared a great offer so that workers can put the workation into practice, without worrying about anything. The Nomads Offer is a good way to boost working from anywhere and to become a real digital nomad. It’s a way to focus on your work, while relaxing at The CookBook Hotel and feeling the Mediterranean on your feet. Who could imagine that the beach would become your office for one day and that you would enjoy your work like never ever.
Best Digital Nomad Destinations to Go in 2021

The remote work has come to stay. Let’s look for new working ways and for feeling good, relax and take advantage of the chances that we have in our country.

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