A fitting way to describe ‘working moms’ would be to call them ‘superheroes’. And let’s be honest, that’s practically the truth. Much like Batman, working moms have many masks; mother, employee (or employer), chef, confidant – to name but a few of them.

It’s no wonder that many of us feel burnt out and that we never get time for ourselves, which is why learning to find that work-family balance is so vital. Let me guess; you have heard that before? The challenge is figuring out exactly how to get that balance right. Here are some of our suggestions:

Stop feeling guilty

Feeling guilty is about as useful as trying to water your garden when your water has been cut. It’s totally pointless. You feel guilty about not spending every moment with your loved ones, and when you do, you feel guilty about not addressing some of your work issues – and so the cycle perpetuates.

The first step for working moms to head in the direction of finding true work-family balance is to cut out the guilt. Understand where it comes from – and why it happens – and learn to let it go. Once you do that, you enable yourself to be present when at the office, and more importantly, when spending time with your friends and family.

Make time for downtime

One of the most important things working moms need to do is make the time for downtime. Every week take a look at your schedule and plan times that are solely reserved for loved ones. So for example, you could plan a date night with your partner, or pick at least one Sunday a month for a family outing.

Put these kinds of things in your diary and stick to them like you would any important work meeting. Also, try to schedule an hour or more with family every weekday but don’t forget to ensure you are making time for friends too. Finding the family-friend balance is almost as important as the work-family balance.

Make sure you are choosing the right priorities

Your work is undoubtedly important, but it’s probably not more important to you than your friends and family (or at least, I hope it’s not). No matter how ambitious you are, it’s crucial to remember what is really important, and your priority should be your family. Try to schedule your work around your family – not vice versa.

And in fact, your life goals and aspirations shouldn’t be limited to the office, but your home too. Think about what that may mean for you and then write a list of personal goals or wins. These could be small things like watching at least one of your children’s sports matches a week or bigger things like planning a family holiday.

Build (and nurture) a strong support system

Everyone needs some help sometimes, and it’s not a sign of weakness. In fact, being able to acknowledge the need for help, in my opinion, is a sign of strength. Even the strongest of women need a little help every now and then. Working moms feel that they have to do everything all the time, but it’s vital to know that you don’t need to do this alone.

When it comes to who to turn to, you should be able to look to these people, in this order: your partner, your family, your friends and your colleagues. Just remember that it’s crucial to keep your expectations in check and know who you can ask what of. For example, chances are you can ask more from your partner than an acquaintance at work. Remember that a support system is invaluable, so surround yourself with people you know, care for and trust, and be prepared to be there for others when they need you in return.

Set aside some time for you

One of the best ways for working moms to ensure a healthy work-family balance is to take some time for themselves. And exercise is one of the best ways to do this, in fact, some see it as essential. It helps you stay healthy, allows you to let off some steam, it gives you endorphins, and it also makes you take time for yourself.

The best part? Going for walks with your kids runs with your partner or personal training sessions with your friends means you can exercise and spend time with your loved ones if you want, or you can just take the time for yourself. While it might be hard to fit ‘yet another thing’ into your busy schedule, this one is an important one and will help to make all the other to-do tasks that much easier.

Equally important as a regular exercise regime, is making time for some ‘me time’. This should be time just for you, even if it’s five minutes. Read a chapter from a book every day, give yourself a mani-pedi or even take some time to meditate. Looking after your own needs and well-being benefits your family too as they get to enjoy the best version of you.

Take some time away every year

Making time for your loved ones during the week and on weekends is crucial, but sometimes what is needed is a trip away to indulge in some proper bonding and quality time. I highly recommend that working moms aim for at least one family getaway a year, where they leave work behind and experience an incredible destination with their family. It’s a great way to strengthen your relationships with your family away from your daily life, work and school.

If you are interested in finding out more about achieving balance in your life, then take a look at our wonderful guide: Finding a work-family balance

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