Choosing a location for an event or conference is one of the most important steps when it comes to MICE planning.

Choosing a location for an event or conference is one of the most important steps when it comes to MICE planning. It can also be the most exciting, most rewarding, and most enjoyable part of the planning process, but there is no doubt about it: the location contributes largely to the success or failure of any event. You also have to keep in mind that you are not only trying to please your client, but a multi-generational group of delegates whose priorities are vastly different from each other. No pressure, right? But don’t stress, we are here to help you. Still not sure where to start? Here are the top five reasons why we think you should consider beach hotels:


The sensational views

Beach hotels have one thing that inland hotels just don't: sensational sea views. These are not only awesome, but memorable, and will make your decision to have your next conference at a beach hotel a great one. To really capitalise on the view, see if you can ensure that important delegates have sea facing rooms, plan sunset cocktail parties on the hotel deck overlooking the sea, and arrange parties on the beach or breakfasts outside so that delegates can really get their seaview fill.


The pre- and post-conference activities

Leisure time for delegates pre- and post-conference is extremely important, and the wonderful thing about considering beach hotels for conference venues is that there is so much on offer at any one time. Delegates can take a dip in the ocean, relax on the beach – book (or cocktail) in hand – go on a sunset cruise, or partake in a plethora of watersports. To get away they can even go for walks on the beach or just enjoy the sea views while relaxing in their rooms. The opportunities for wonderful and relaxing experiences are manifold.

The physical benefits

Not only is having your conferences at beach hotels a good idea because of the views and the activities, but there are actually health benefits to it too. Keep in mind that as your delegates are spending hours at a time in conferences, networking events and sometimes even workshops, they are gonna need a little time to recharge, and beach hotels are the best place to do just that! Here’s why:


The beauty about beachside conferences is that delegates get to do incredible activities while getting a healthy dose of exercise. Taking a swim or snorkeling in gorgeous azure waters, walks to seaside cafes, and wonderful strolls on the beach all allow for clarity of mind as well as get the heart pumping – and that's before they have tried kitesurfing, surfing, and all the other watersports on offer.


Better sleep 

Having an outdoor and action packed day with all the activities in between a conference, the chances are that people will be able to sleep better. The sound of the waves crashing outside are another calming factor and it’s bound to help the process further.


Vitamin D 

Sun-savvy delegates can soak up a good dose of vitamin D when they spend time outside on the beach and in the sun. This vitamin is essential for strong bones and the production of skin cells. Just be sure to remind them to lather on the sunscreen before they head out.


The psychological benefits

Ever been to beach hotels and enjoyed a glorious sense of being revitalized, feel calm and at peace? That’s because staying at beach hotels and being by the sea has many psychological benefits too.

A two year study conducted by Researchers from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health regarding the way people felt in natural environments found, according to this article that all outdoor locations were associated with positive feelings of enjoyment, calmness and refreshment – but visits to the coast were the most beneficial. The trend remained after taking account of factors such as age, distance of travel, the presence of others, and type of activity.”


The fresh seafood

Serving excellent food at conferences is another essential aspect to a successful event. Hosting your events at beach hotels means access to a fresh and continuous supply of seafood. Healthy and delicious (especially when it’s straight out of the ocean), delegates who enjoy seafood are going to thank you for this one.

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