If you are sitting in front of your laptop right now, getting in a quick ‘brain break’ before you launch into your next mountain of work, be warned – the following may make you want to quit your job, pack up your things, and head for your saddle.

There are those of us that dream of doing the unimaginable, and then there are those that do it, and Kayden Kleinhans is certainly the latter. The South African solo adventurer, environmentalist, avid cyclist and filmmaker is literally seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world – by pedal power. But what on earth motivates someone to follow such a path? The question on many people’s minds is why is Kayden Kleinhans cycling the world? So, here are the reasons why we think he is seeing the world by bike:

Carbon-free travel

Kleinhans’ record is squeaky clean – in more ways than one. The cyclist has completed almost 33 000 carbon-free miles while cycling the world and one of his main aims on his world trek is to raise awareness around environmental issues. Cycling the world was an attempt to keep a cleaner carbon footprint, and to help in the fight to counter the world’s reliance on fossil fuel he has planted ample trees in some of South Africa's disadvantaged communities. His Global Wheeling Foundation was set up as the platform that he uses to convert his carbon-free miles that have added up on his adventures, into the number of trees that are then planted. With conservation and environmental issues close to his heart, he does everything he can to personally travel carbon-free.

The challenges

Another major reason for someone to want to embark on a journey cycling the world is often also for the challenges involved. Serious cyclists like to challenge and test themselves, pushing themselves to the limit, both mentally and physically. Kleinhans’ ability to push himself in these avenues is absolutely exemplary, having seen some of the greatest natural wonders of the world through the sheer strength of mind and body.

The potential bragging rights

This doesn’t seem to be a motivating factor for Kleinhans but it is for some. Cycling the world is no easy feat, and even just cycling to or through some of the most epic or famous places on the globe will earn you some serious bragging rights. But if that doesn’t motivate you either, then just think of the experience of it. What’s more, it’s an extremely clean and healthy way of travelling – so basically seeing the world like this means winning on all levels.

The things you get to see

Seeing the world from the seat of your bicycle is hands down one of the best ways to fully experience your travels. As Kleinhans has experienced, one of the best things about it is that you get access sometimes to places you can’t see by car, you get to have incredible immersive experiences when you use pedal power. Kleinhans has ticked off some incredibly challenging terrain but has seen things most of us won’t ever see in our lives. To date he has travelled 43 countries, six continents, a war zone, saved an unimaginable amount of CO2 by travelling on human energy. He has traversed the Sahara Desert, ridden through Death Valley and the Andes (to name but a few) – all of this by himself. Needless to say, the man has a few stories to tell.

To learn to live in the moment

In this interview, Kleinhans states “I never listen to music – I like to be where I am – yes, it can be loud or quiet but it is what it is. I trekked across the country to be where I am, so I might as well enjoy that moment, and be in that moment.” An exceptional thing about cycling the world is that you really get to embrace every second of the journey with no interruptions. With the way in which people live, in an almost constant state of stress, learning to practice mindfulness is borderline crucial, and what better place to do so then from your bike.

If you would like to take a leaf out of Kleinhans’ book, or find a little inspiration, or you would just like to live vicariously then head over to his site, Global Wheeling, and be sure to follow the “Global Wheeling” television series.

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