There’s no doubt about it, love deserves celebrating.

It’s the thing that gets our hearts racing, encourages us to be the best versions of ourselves, and helps to get us out of bed in the morning (and back into it at night). It’s the thing that connects us, draws us to one another, and gets excitement coursing through our veins. So what better way to distill the beauty of love than on a romantic trip away? Travelling provides an opportunity to combine life’s most romantic elements: toasting to a pink-tinted view with a glass of chilled champagne and a beautiful meal set out in front of you, before strolling along quaint old streets, hand in hand, to a lush bedroom with chocolates on the pillows.

Based on an overview of six romance travel trends for 2015, romance travel is “one of the travel industry’s fastest-growing niches.” And it’s not only over Valentine’s Day, milestone occasions are being celebrated with trips abroad. From weddings, engagements, honeymoons and babymoons, to anniversaries and vow renewals, who doesn’t love an excuse to travel? According to the luxury villa guide, here are this year’s top travel trends in this niche market:

Boomers are looking for romantic escapes.

“Boomers spend over $78 billion annually on leisure travel… That’s $29 billion more than the Gen-X set and $23 billion more than the Millennials.” AARP research indicates that travelers who are 50 years old and up could take as many as five trips this year. If you consider factors like empty nest syndrome, accumulated wealth and the fact that 87% of this generation are married, romantic trips abroad simply make sense.

It’s all about spending time together.

Regardless of generation, taking a couple’s trip is an ideal way to spend quality time together. Whether you choose to go on a relaxing or adventurous journey is partly generational and partly personality-based. The essential factor continues to be around the time together, “sharing experiences, achieving intimacy through communication.”

Destination weddings are a big thing.

Travel experts report that Millennials make up 80% of the wedding and honeymoon market and one in four engaged couples want a destination wedding. Favourite destination choices remain beach-based. It seems couples want to get married in the sunshine, possibly barefoot with the waves rolling over their feet.

Honeymoons and other “moons”.

Joining the romantic travel market’s greatest star - honeymoons - new popular “moons” include the “babymoon”, a relaxing holiday taken prior to giving birth to bask in the last of the child-free days. Other lesser known “moons” include the “mystery moon” a trend where the travel coordinator keeps the honeymoon details and sometimes even the destination from the honeymooners themselves. Another “moon” is the “adventure moon” involving things like “trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru or taking a Harley-Davidson road trip across the USA.”

Romantic getaways are including traditional and nontraditional experiences.

It’s not just sailing off into the sunset that’s making waves (excuse the pun) in the romantic travel trends market. These days couples are just as likely to opt for gourmet getaways, flamenco nights in Spain or a Northern lights tour in Iceland.

Certain generations are embracing “bleisure” travel.

The neologism “bleisure” is a portmanteau of the words “business” and “pleasure”, although ghastly to the ear, it’s easy to see how it’s one of the travel trends that’s been taking off. With so much of work and play being conducted through smart phones and online, the line between the two is becoming increasingly blurry. Networking, socializing and gaining experience can be as valuable (if not, more valuable) than clocking in hours at the office. Accommodation with free wifi and good technological services, such as top hotels in Costa Blanca, are naturally likely to appeal to this sort of traveller.

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