Every year thousands upon thousands of gap year travelers leave their comfortable family homes to live in pitiful digs and work for paltry wages - teaching English to other people’s unruly children in the East, or sporting activities or craftwork at summer camps in the United States.

They might find themselves working on farms and factories across Europe, or packing fish in Alaska.

It’s hard slog for very little beer money, so why do they do it? Well, to meet new people from different cultures, of course, and to satisfy their wanderlust and sense of adventure. Well, it’s not as if that brooding for travel escapes them after they succumb to the sensible task of building a career.

Things don’t change … that much.

For most people travel remains a huge motivator throughout their lives. It’s enormously appealing to learn a new lingo, taste a tantalizing new meal, sip an unexpected vintage or slip into a different sensibility completely (even if it is just for a short while). So it’s hardly surprising that travel incentives remain a brilliant way to motivate staff and something all employers should consider. Here are some more reasons why:

Travel incentives are a huge motivator

By using desirable travel incentives as a goal for teams to achieve, or exceed, their targets, employers effectively set up healthy competition and increased productivity between teams. Who wouldn’t work harder if it means that there’s an exciting holiday at the end of it all.

Travel incentives are a cost effective reward for work well done

While no one is going to turn their nose up at a cash bonus, the reality is that that money will quickly whittle away on food, clothes or petrol. In other words, the reward will soon be forgotten to the drudgery of necessity. If, however, employees are rewarded with travel incentives, such as a rafting adventure in Iceland or teambuilding in a beach paradise in on the Costa Blanca, the same amount of money might well have been spent, but the memories and feel-good factor will last forever.

Travel incentives bring a team together

By sharing something out of the ordinary, solving a puzzle or testing their courage with an adrenalin fueled activity, such as bungee jumping, colleagues form a tighter bond. Any down time spent enjoying a meal together or a few drinks allows people to build friendships and brainstorm new ideas.

They are good for your staffs’ health and for your business

There’s no one who doesn’t benefit from time away from the office. Travel incentives help to reduce stress, and boost morale and wellbeing, and in so doing, inadvertently decreases illness and absenteeism. A holiday can also help to boost creativity, loyalty to the company as well as the desire to be a top achiever. Happy healthy employees lead to a happy and healthy business.

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