As a MICE consultant, you’re probably no stranger to the incredible amount of effort that goes into creating exceptional travel incentives for an often multi-generational, and discerning group.

And it’s not a job for the faint-hearted; from organising fabulous accommodation to making sure the food is out of this world and from ensuring delegates have incredible experiences to having enough downtime – there’s no doubt about it, you have your hands full. One thing that often gets overlooked is those activities that happen in between all the other important aspects of travel incentives.

One example of an often left-for-the-last-minute aspect of travel incentives is team building activities. These are still main events in many meetings and travel incentives. However, delegates don’t want to do another ‘trust exercise’ or even another Amazing Race-inspired game.

They want to experience something entirely different which will allow them to bond with their peers. You need to give them new, unusual and fun ways to learn and forge relationships with others. Don’t be afraid to encourage delegates to move out of their comfort zones and throw in something seriously impressive.

So, on that note,  here are a few team building trends to think about when planning your travel incentives this year:

Team building activities that are ‘out of the box.

Given what we have already said about what delegates don’t want, it should be no surprise that moving forward; team building activities need to be entirely unusual and, well, out of the box to be successful. So, to avoid the ‘small talk’ awkward nature of many ‘tried-and-true’ team building events when planning travel incentives, some MICE consultants are putting a quirky spin on activities.

This is where you can unleash the creativity within you. There’s no limit on how creative you can get with team-building games, competitions and activities. You can plan anything from an authentic local cooking class to hot air balloon rides or surfing lessons – anything of these can encourage moving out of one's comfort zones in fun ways.

Team building activities that are green.

The world is becoming more conscious of how vital eco-friendly practices are, and how much we need to be looking after the planet. Activities that focus on green initiatives or centred on corporate social responsibility leave delegates with that incredible feel-good sensation of having contributed to something important.

To replace some of the conventional team building activities with social initiatives or activities that support the environment. Painting an orphanage, planting trees, creating a community vegetable patch or volunteering at a soup kitchen are all fulfilling experiences that will leave your delegates with amazing memories of your travel incentives for years to come.

Team building activities are heightened by technology.

Seeing as we live in the digital age, what better way to spice up your team building activities than through the use of mobile apps? One of our absolute favourites is GooseChase – a scavenger hunt-based app. This app lets you create custom missions that are interactive and make use of photos, videos, text and GPS. Each time a task is completed, teams upload a photo to the app, share a location or send a text.

The app then tracks the progress of all teams involved, which is visible to everyone, so they know how they are faring about the other teams. These missions can take place anywhere and can last anything from a couple of hours to a few days. These kinds of activities are ideal for modern delegates who are technology and social media obsessed.

The world is your oyster when it comes to creating incredible and memorable team building activities during your travel incentives. If you would like to find out more about what 2017 has in store for the MICE industry, then have a look at our e-book: MICE Trends for 2017. We at AR Hotels are MICE industry leaders and have a string of incredible hotels in Costa Blanca, perfect for the ultimate travel incentive.