Some days being an adult feels downright exhausting. However, until the day comes when it will be socially acceptable for fully-grown humans to throw ourselves on the floor in a tantrum, screaming and kicking our arms and legs until we feel better, it’s necessary to calm ourselves in slightly more graceful ways — yoga being one.

It’s a way to unwind from the mania of managing the demands of work and home, to breathe out the avalanche of bad news that soars towards us from every media channel, and to let go of the frustrations that threatens to set off a full-blown kid’s tantrum. So, there’s no better way to quell the buildup of tension than with a getaway wellness retreat, a place that will sweep up the exhausted shards of your shattered self and toss them away.

Revive your spirit from the outside in with a health and fitness focused getaway at one of these top retreats.

Go gaga over Goa

The Lotus Yoga Retreat in Goa is your solution to the winter blues. Master of yoga in the UK, Simon Low runs daily yoga classes from October to May in the balmy paradise. Choose from either The Lotus Oasis, a yoga resort set on Patnem Beach, or the Lotus Kaama Kethna, “a yoga eco-village in the jungle”. Just two kilometres from the beach, it’s a perfectly quiet space to immerse yourself in natural forest. Whether you’re looking for a flexible yoga holiday or more structured retreat, Low’s dynamic Asana practice is sure to invigorate as deeply as it calms.

Livin’ la vida Locust-Pose in Costa Rica

With the by-line, ‘Go Easy. Step Lightly. Stay Free’, Costa Rica’s Yoga Farm oozes progressive sustainable principles alongside good old-fashioned hippy hospitality. Located in tropical rainforest on the Pacific coast, it’s a prime setting for deep stretching, surfing and uber relaxing in one of the most diverse eco-systems in the world. Stay in simple accommodation, do some yoga, enjoy the fresh vegetarian meals together, and celebrate your health and fitness. Yoga Farm is 100% solar-powered, and the good people behind it harvest the retreat’s rain and natural spring water and grow loads of food to add to the meals.

A Spanish ode to wellness

If you want nothing more than to restore your body and rejuvenate your mind, this is your ideal laid-back Spanish town in which you can escape. Although there are a number of luxury hotels in Calpe perched on the balmy shores of Costa Blanca, AR Diamante Beach is entirely geared for wellness, health and fitness. With a wealth of watersports available, mountains to climb, promenades to run on, as well as a cutting-edge spa, gym and restaurant serving up the freshest gourmet cuisine, it’s a retreat in the name of self-care.

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