Get ready for your tastebuds to water as we take a trip around the world to discover some of the tastiest cocktails ever concocted. Like a bar-hop but instead of hopping from bar to bar, we’re travelling from one amazing destination to the next, savouring the cool splashes of flavour invented in the local haunts.

This journey to the world’s top ten best holiday destinations pays tribute to the great alcohol alchemists. Considering the contents of the tour, it’s bound to be a whirlwind of a ride.

Sip a Bellini in Venice

According to an article on six places that invented a classic cocktail, The Bellini is a top choice. But not just any Bellini, head to Harry’s Bar in Venice to taste where the original peach purée-laced Prosecco was invented. Named after Venetian artist, Giovanni Bellini, it’s been keeping customers smiling smugly since 1948.

Savour the Singapore Sling in… you guessed it

Second on this same list, the Singapore Sling was mixed up as early as 1915 at the illustrious Raffles Hotel. Homegrown barman Ngiam Tong Boon was the genius behind the gin, grenadine, Cointreau and pineapple drink. Drinkers the world over have been feeling grateful ever since.

Imbibe a Mai Tai or two in Hawaii

The third mention on the Express list is the Mai Tai, a taste of the tropics in a glass. Although created in California rather than Hawaii, it’s now synonymous with the dream of sitting back in Hawaii taking in the ocean breeze. It’s made with rum, Curaçao liqueur, lime juice and customary fruit garnish.

Down a Dawa in Kenya

This vodka, lime and honey cocktail is not only delicious but also “medicinal”, according to the Kenyans. Taking up position four on the article’s list, the Dawa is also a fitting reminder of Kenya’s rightful place on a list of top ten holiday destinations. There’s nothing like a sundowner on safari in the quiet of the wild.

Slurp a Paloma in Mexico

“The Paloma —  Dove in Spanish —  is the country’s most popular cocktail”, so says the Express. Lime and pink grapefruit juices join topclass tequila and a touch of agave syrup to make up this delicious concoction.

Care for a Caipirinha in Copacabana?

Brazil is a natural choice when thinking of top ten holiday destinations, and even more so when imagining the sweet, icy taste of cachaça, sugar and lime flowing down your throat. The drink just tastes like a summer holiday so, the article rightly points out, it’s “perfect for Copacabana.”

If you like Piña Coladas you’ll like them even more in Puerto Rico

First made in Puerto Rico and the national drink of the country, this rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice delight is popular the world over. It’s not only associated with beach holidays but also (thanks to the Rupert Holmes song) with getting caught in the rain.

“Make mine a Cosmopolitan” in New York

Made famous by the Sex and the City series, this cranberry juice and vodka-based drink is similar to the kamikaze and there’s some dispute over where it was first created. Some say San Francisco, some say New York, but ever since Carrie and the ladies made it their drink of choice in the sitcom, it’s become even more associated with the delights of the big apple.

Let the bartender decide in Tokyo

According to an article on Tokyo’s finest libations, watching bartenders in Tokyo is a bit like a Japanese tea ceremony “with its elaborate details and rules”.  One of these is allowing the barman to pick your drink. This is known as “Omakase” because as custom goes the bartender is the expert and so the guest should trust in his wisdom. Alternatively, head to the Park Hyatt, as seen in Lost in Translation, and order their perfect Manhattan.

Drink in the sunny days, alongside the Valencian Water, in Costa Blanca

No list of top ten best holiday destinations would be complete without a nod towards the land of laidback sun-lovers, tasty cuisine and incredible cocktails. From Sangria to the local favourite of the Costa Blanca, Valencian Water. This mixture of cava, gin, vodka and fresh Valencian orange juice over crushed ice is a taste sensation worth getting on a plane for to sip away while soaking up the sun from the deck of one of the fine resorts in Costa Blanca.

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