Let’s be honest, for most of us, life is frenetic. It’s constantly busy. We find that we live in the fast-lane of life and there never seems to be enough time.

And to add to that, in this day and age, women are meant to be the doting wives, the caring mothers and the independent hardworking career women, all while looking fabulous, of course — the expectations are totally unrealistic and the pressure to attain perfection is great. In fact, we are so programmed to believe that we need to be superhuman, that to some of us, the very concept of ‘me time’ seems selfish. But this ‘go go go’ attitude and the guilt at taking ‘me time’ is very misguided. Taking a little time to check in with yourself is not only important, it’s essential. If you feel that you don't have time for yourself, make time! Here’s why me time is so important:

It helps relieve stress

According to this article, “taking time for yourself has psychological and physical benefits.” Because of the fast-paced lifestyle we are all so accustomed to, some of us don’t even realise how stressed we are and what kind of toll it’s actually taking on our bodies. Stress can prevent us from sleeping properly, it lowers the immune system, it lessens creativity, heightens sensitivity, it’s exhausting and being overly stressed can make remembering things or focussing on things immensely difficult. Taking time out every day to read a book you enjoy, to meditate, to go for a walk, to indulge in a guilty pleasure like watching your favourite telly show, or spoiling yourself to a massage at a spa, is immensely important. All of these activities get you out of your head and help you to relax, some of them even help you to relieve stress both physically and mentally, which is even better!

It helps foster better relationships

I’m pretty sure at some stage or another we have all snapped at someone (or something) and taken out our frustration of the day on those that didn’t deserve it. We find ourselves so highly wound that the slightest irritation can set us off. Not only that, but if you are constantly stressed out, it’s hard to be really present and difficult to really listen to what your friend or partner is saying to you, and it definitely doesn’t feel like quality time spent. Taking some me time helps you to get to a point where you don’t take things out on the wrong people, and where you are in a space that allows you to be present for loved ones. Also, taking a little me time for yourself to reflect on things you could work on in your own life also contributes to better and stronger relationships.

It can make you a better employee

By taking some me time every day you will improve your concentration and focus, and you will find that you are more positive and, as mentioned above, that your relationships are stronger. This better state of being will only benefit the quality of your work as you are in a better position to give it your all. By taking care of yourself you’ll find that you are not constantly in emotional overwhelm which prevents us from delivering our best work. Not only that, it will help you to establish a better work-life balance.

It will help you to sleep better

We have all experienced it at some stage or another: when we try to go to sleep all we can think of is what happened during the day and what needs to be done the next day. Sometimes we actually do go to sleep easily enough, but we wake up exhausted, because while we were asleep our mind just kept racing. If the only me time you can get is right before bed, take it! Read, write in a gratitude journal, paint your nails — anything that is not overly exciting or busy, just so that your body can start to wind down before you go to sleep. Enjoying some me time even if it’s a half an hour before bed is exceptionally important.

It boosts your mood

Spend your me time doing something you absolutely love or have always wanted to do and you will feel happier, healthier and all round like a better, more fulfilled human being. Do something that serves you and fires you up. This is all about you, and it’s not selfish, it’s essential. Take a long bath, go to a yoga class, take a pottery class, learn how to make macarons, whatever your heart’s desire, set the time aside and do it! You will be so much happier for it.

It’s about quality not quantity

If all you have been thinking about while reading this is: “yes, but I just don’t have time every day” it’s important that you know this: me time is about the quality of the experience, how much you are able to relax during the time you set aside and how much joy you experience while doing the activity, not the quantity of me time. So if you can only get a half an hour a week, make the most of it.

Taking me time helps you to cope better — in general. Which means that you will probably find it easier to make time for it anyway. If you are still not convinced, I’ll leave you with some information from this article: "Overall our research suggests if people take time out to recharge their batteries and experience the time taken out as high quality, this reaps benefits for their own psychological well-being, their family relationships and for their employers as they are more likely to perform better at work."

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