What forms the DNA of a truly luxurious escape? Is it purely a matter of the thread-count of the hotel linen? Or is there something deeper that goes into the making of a holiday retreat that has guests yearning for more, much more? We consider the multiple factors that make up quintessential luxury escapes.

A location full of charm

Great places contain layers. On the east coast of Spain there lounges a most beautiful town that’s also rich in cultural history. At the Els banys de la Reina in Calpe for instance, visitors can see the 15th century remnants of the queen’s baths or stroll solemnly through the Church Senora de las Nieves, a sanctuary that has been victim to numerous pirate attacks over the centuries, but after much reconditioning it continues to stand as a majestic emblem of the town’s strength.  

A stay in establishments where people really care

Luxury escapes need to do much more than make you feel comfortable, they should make you feel at home. Top hotels in Costa Blanca understand that each guest is an individual who requires different things. From the pillow that suits you best, to your dietary whims when contemplating a buffet, staff at luxury establishments should go out of their way to ensure your desires are met.

Somewhere that provides a space for time out

We take holidays to give ourselves a break, to relieve the pressures of everyday life and remind ourselves that we’re merely human – creatures in need of rest, relaxation and pleasure. A luxury escape should offer a variety of ways to restore your body back to its finest form. Get a load of vitamin D while lounging at a peaceful pool or getting the knots from your back untied with an invigorating massage from a luxury spa.

A hub of stimulation

Comfort can be found on the couch at home; travelling seeks out new forms of comfort and stimulation. Quality luxury escapes should have stimulating opportunities to entice you out of your comfort zone and into the luxury zone of deeper experience. If you’re visiting Spain, for instance, consider taking a tango class or hiking to the top of a mountain for the most spectacular views of the valleys and coast.

A place of taste sensations

Fine food completes a luxury experience. Find a balance between exploring a town’s local culinary gems – paella at a local market perhaps – and savouring world-class haute cuisine 

An escape from the ordinary

Leave your old life behind. What’s the point in getting in the car and driving an hour up the road to stay in a b’n’b, to overhear the accents you heard before, eat a variation of food you cook yourself, and look up at the grey skies only to feel as dreary as you did back home. Escape what you know. Pick a place free from traffic, where the church bells ring softly on a Sunday morning, and after dining on a feast of Spanish tomatoes, baked eggs and crusty bread, take a stroll along the promenade where in the the warmth of the Mediterranean you can breathe in the salty smell of the sea.   

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