The Europeans are no strangers to the benefits of an indulgent spa weekend. It goes back to the ancient Romans and Greeks who, when not conquering the world, would allow themselves some ‘me time’ at the baths.

Taking a full weekend to recharge your batteries is not only good for body and mind but the soul as well. And in this ludicrous ‘fast-lane’ lifestyle that characterises modern society, weekend spa breaks are arguably actually quite necessary. Europe's incredible spas range in their offerings, which ensures that you can find one perfect for you and your specific needs. So, go on spoil yourself with a weekend away at one of these top spas in Europe:

Spas for the eco-conscious

The world is becoming more conscious of how we live and eat, what products we use in our households and on our bodies. Eco spas are fully equipped to cater for the conscious-minded spa-goers, with equally luxurious treatments as other spas, but with organic, fair trade products and materials (such as towels) which are better for your body and earthy-friendly — double win. So if going green is one of your top priorities, then we suggest planning one of your weekend spa breaks at The Scarlet Hotel’s spa. Yes, we are keeping it local, but this sensational spa, located on the awe-inspiring Cornish coastline too good to miss. Immerse yourself in absolute spa bliss with a traditional ayurvedic treatment in one of the lantern-lit tented rooms, treat your skin to an organic seaweed wrap, unwind in a cliffside hot tub, or relax in one of their cocoon-like hammocks — whatever you do here, you are bound to feel refreshed, relaxed and reenergized — all with a wonderfully guilt-free conscious.

Spas for anti-ageing therapies

We all know that change is constant, and unfortunately, your body knows that all too well. We would love some miraculous way to stop the ageing process so we could all look as fabulous as when we were 20. Which, well, I think the scientists are still working on it. What we can do, however, is indulge in weekend spa breaks that are centred on anti-ageing treatments. Unsure if you believe that these treatments work? Well, there’s one way to find out, and we suggest doing so at La Reserve Ramatuelle. Fringing the Mediterranean, this haven of a spa focusses not only on the anti-ageing treatments that they are so famous for but an overall sense of wellbeing. This is such a high priority for them, that after a personal assessment, your spa programme is tailored to your specific needs. Revel in their Nescens better-ageing programs, enjoy their beauty treatments or opt for one of their  Nescens anti-ageing cosmeceutical treatments. You will leave feeling fresher and looking even younger than when you arrived!

Spas for those wanting something a little different

While many people dream of weekend spa breaks at your standard indulgent, luxury spa, some crave something a little… different. Europe has some pretty “quirky” spa offerings too, and with one of the top travel trends being that people are searching for a truly unique and immersive experience, what better way to do it than with some incredible spa treatments, in unusual places. If this sounds like your idea of fun, then we suggest trying Hotel and Spa de Rome located in Germany, just to confuse you. Here in the De Rome Spa, you can enjoy a myriad of treatments in none other than an old bank vault. The vault, where mountains of gold and jewels were once stored, offers incredible treatments, that range from facials, to massages, to yoga and fitness classes and, of course, their relaxation vault (where I suppose you can’t escape relaxation?). It’s one of those places where if the treatment exists it’s probably on the treatment list/novel, and it will be a unique experience well worth the visit.

Spas for foodies

Some people go on detoxing weekend spa breaks, focusing on liquid diets and low-carb diets. But for some others, feeling good is also strongly connected to eating magnificent food. So why not enjoy some complete indulgence with a spa that caters to the foodies amongst us too. Our pick of incredible foodie spas is for those who enjoy epicurean experiences, with wine as a star player at this spa. Set on a hilltop in Portugal, the Yeatman Hotel’s spa is called the Caudalie Vinothérapie® Spa (yes, ‘wine therapy’) and for good reason. The spa's luxurious treatments are all comprised of the finest natural ingredients from the vineyard, jam-packed with antioxidant properties. And the good news, it doesn’t have to be an entirely once-off experience, as they sell their unique range of products in the spa. Try a Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub, enjoy a ‘barrel bath immersion’, indulge in a hammam shower experience or any of their signature treatments and make the most of the panoramic views of the city from the infinity pool. And once you have had all the pampering you can handle, head to the Michelin-starred restaurant for a taste of traditional Portuguese food, created with a modern twist, and order one of their 1,000 bottles of wine from their incredible cellar for a gastronomic experience to remember.

Spas for pure relaxation and indulgence

While it’s wonderful to try new and different spas or ones catered specifically for one particular thing, what about a spa that has everything you could want for maximum indulgence? I am talking about a spa in a hotel with a first-class restaurant, fantastic accommodation and an outstanding location, where you can indulge in spa treatments from around the world — giving you more than enough choice all in one place. If this sounds good to you, then when thinking about weekend spa breaks, we suggest visiting AR Diamante Beach and Spa, located in the paradise that is Calpe in Spain. Savour delicious Spanish cuisine at the fine dining restaurant, Audrey’s, after a long day of natural healing in the gorgeous Mediterranean climate with enough sunshine, sand and sea to make you want to stay there forever. The hotel’s gorgeous, opalescent spa offers a wide variety of unusual spa treatments that are sure to delight: try the silver dust body wrap for flawless skin, pamper yourself with a Balinese massage or enjoy treatments from all over the world, with each day of the week transporting you to some new foreign land. If you are looking for a truly memorable weekend away, where the location offers as much as the spa treatment list does, then this should be your top choice.

If enjoying a relaxing and indulgent weekend away in Calpe sounds like your idea of paradise, then contact us to make a booking. We have a range of Calpe hotels with some of the best spas in the area, giving you more than enough choice for the ultimate spa weekend away.