“If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.”

This anonymous quote speaks volumes for why we choose to capture and document what we do. A photograph is an attempt to stop time, to forever hold onto the beauty, importance or value of that second. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, the kitchen fridge or in personal family albums, we display the people, things and experiences we cherish. So it’s no surprise then, that most of us are madly snapping away on holiday, trying to hold onto the family memories when we’re at our most relaxed, most adventurous and happiest. But taking hundreds of pictures that fade into a blur of images on a memory card might not be the best way to treasure your family memories. We look at a variety of ways to document your family memories abroad.

Put together a visual journal

Whether you go the old-fashioned scrapbooking way or make use of one of the hundreds of digital scrapbooking sites out there, putting together a collection of memories is not only a great way to collate and display your family memories but the process can also be therapeutic. If you’re looking for a way to present your family travels specifically, an app like Trip Journal is ideal.  This app does all the documenting work for you by organising your holiday pictures and tracking your explorations, geo-tagged with images, videos and notes.

Make your own travel movies

iMovie has made it possible to shoot imagery, edit it and add music, ultimately producing your own movie straight from your iPhone. With all its tools at your fingertips you can create moving postcards to post/boast to all your loved ones.

Create a blog

It could start out as a way to share your travel stories and pictures with friends and family but in some cases a family travel blog spreads far and wide. Like in the case of the Jetset Family, whose blog now features handy travel advice and is read all over the world.  Another family blog that’s grown into a fullblown expert’s guide to luxury hotels comes care of Posh Brood. With the tagline “Offspring. Don’t leave home without them”, the blog provides family-friendly reviews of luxury spots, predominantly in the States.

Start a unique tradition

Document your family memories in a way that’s entirely unique to your own little clan. You might decide to photograph yourselves in the jumping pose in picturesque spots around the globe or, like British photographer Tom Robinson and his girlfriend Verity, whose world travel photographs feature beautiful views in the background of no other part of them but their feet. His website presents hundreds of portraits from their travels and the more recent ones include two tiny pairs of little feet too.

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