There’s something profoundly alluring about a cove. A sanctuary of quiet, a hiding place for you and your thoughts, a secret between you and the sea.

So when scouring the earth for your next beach holiday, consider the possibilities of exploring the wondrous coves of Calpe. These sheltered nooks peppering the shores of the Costa Blanca offer endless opportunities to discover the untainted world, and while you’re there in the peace and quiet to perhaps learn a thing or two about yourself. Einstein himself said it, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” So when you’re yearning for exploration of all sorts on your next beach holiday, bookmark these magical Calpe coves, care of the locals in the know. 

The Collao Cove (or Racó del Corb)

A gem that’s accessible only by sea, The Collao Cove offers 100 metres of isolated white sand and stones. It’s perfect for fishing, diving and basking in its bliss. 

The Gasparet Cove

The Gasparet Cove will also require a boat trip but once you arrive you’ll realise the trip was well worth it. A beach holiday to Calpe would be incomplete without it. 

Les Urques Cove

Meander over to Les Urques Cove straight from Puerto Blanco beach to take in the deep blue waters of the cove. 

The Manzanera Cove

Situated within La Manzanera residential estate, this stone-beach seems right out of a fairytale, but with all the modern essentials; the cove is toilet-equipped. 

The Morelló Cove

Nearby the lovely Arenal-Bol beach, sits the small Morelló Cove. Stretching over just 50 metres it’s perfectly intimate. 

The Racó Cove

Located at the foothills of the glorious Rock of Ifach within the Prince of Asturias’ Ecological Promenade, the Racó Cove is truly at the heart of nature. It’s easy to access by foot and is ideal for divers and those looking for a cove offering creature comforts, from toilets and bins to watch guards. 

The Penyal Cove

Just north of the Rock of Ifach, you’ll find the Penyal Cove by trailing a small path. 

The Calalga Cove

This 100-metre cover abuts La Fossa Beach and is well-equipped with ablution facilities and lifeguards. 

The Mallorquí Cove

Nearby Les Basetes Sailing Club, this tiny cove is on the to-do list of a great deal of divers. 

Getting there

For those interested in a beach holiday to the more secluded coves that require hopping on board a boat or yacht to reach them, Calpe offers two sailing clubs: Real Club Náutico de Calpe and Club Náutico de Puerto Blanco. With the former offering sailing and diving lessons, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience of Costa Blanca’s oceans, steer the yacht yourself or dive deep underwater and discover the colourful life swirling beneath us. 

The glorious coves of Calpe are a good reminder of Jules Renard’s words: “On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” Beyond this list there is still so much more to explore; the region offers 13 km of coastline to lounge on, rockpools to examine and diverse sealife primed for the most rewarding dives. To find out more about the beautiful beach holiday opportunities in Calpe, get in touch with us. Our portfolio of luxury hotels in Costa Blanca offer a welcoming and comfortable respite from long days of exploring.