When your team needs a little inspiration, Spain is a treasure chest of unique experiences. It’s a country fit for envy-inducing journeys.

The most effective travel incentives are those that motivate, encourage and reward through a variety of activities and experiences that enlighten while they inspire. We bring you a selection of travel incentives care of Independent Traveler that aren’t only uniquely Spanish but also sure-hits.

“Sleep in a parador”

Essentially, a parador is a monastery or 14th-century Arab fortress that’s been converted into a luxury hotel. Paradors are located across Spain and offer a rare throwback in time, with many showcasing original Moorish features, tilework and architectural gems. They can be a pricey option but undoubtedly offer an experience not to be forgotten.

“Get a taste of Basque country”

For a team full of foodies (and less face it, who isn’t?), a sensational culinary experience in the Basque country is a must. As Independent Traveler highlights, “Sharing a meal with loved ones is enormously important to the Basque people and is evident in the popularity of gastronomy clubs and pintxos (the Basque version of tapas) bars.” For a fun group activity, why not opt for a regional culinary tour or cooking course? Available throughout Spain, sample the delights of each territory as you travel through it.

“Build a human tower"

What better way to develop teamwork than to literally band together to form a tower? Learn from the experts in Catalonia where building human towers (or more commonly knowns a castells) is a tradition. In a town square, groups gather to climb onto each other’s shoulders to build as sturdy a tower as possible. These towers can stretch up to 10 levels high, with kids sitting on the top, fortunately wearing safety helmets. “The practice, which has been passed down from generation to generation of Catalonians for about two centuries, is a striking feat of bravery, balance and strength, and has been recognized by UNESCO as an example of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” Local workshops are available for those looking to learn the tricks to forming human pyramids.

“Learn flamenco in Madrid”

Allow your team to immerse themselves in the evocative spirit of this soulful dance. Since the 18th century, the rhythm and pull of the flamenco dance has been luring in none-the-wiser men and women with its hypnotic allure. Born of a combination of Andalusian and Romani musical styles, the flamenco was declared “one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO. Arrange lessons for your team in Madrid and throughout Spain. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains there is a one-week course for those serious about acquiring the moves.

“Heighten your sense in pitch darkness”

In Barcelona’s ‘Dans le Noir’, dine in the dark to heighten the flavours and experience of the taste and textures of this culinary adventure. All waiters at the restaurant are blind and no indication of what you’re eating is given before or while you’re eating it. “The restaurant claims that 90 percent of guests can’t differentiate between white, red and rose wines.”

Of course, when it comes to travel incentives, nothing beats a little beach side luxury. After a whirlwind tour of Spain’s most unique experiences, reward your team with some well-deserved rest in Spain’s very own answer to paradise: Calpe. With luxury spas, sumptuous accommodation, quality cuisine and views for days, Calpe is the perfect spot to unwind, debrief and brainstorm in an environment where you team can feel more relaxed than ever.

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