It shouldn't be much of a surprise that events are going more green, and clients are demanding events that are more eco-friendly.

While this is deemed a trend, it is one that is not likely to go anywhere any time soon, so it’s best to implement eco-friendly and sustainable practises starting right now. Not sure exactly how? Here are some top tips to ‘going green’ in the MICE industry:

Painting your event or conference green: How to do it...

- Use eco-friendly products.

- Implement sustainable practices wherever possible.

- Provide opportunities for delegates and attendees to take part in activities designed to offset their carbon footprint.

- Create opportunities for delegates to participate in sustainable initiatives that double up as teambuilding events.

- Consider going paperless. With the amazing technology available today, delegates might mistake your printed brochures and programmes as not only ancient but also no good for our trees. Why not instead send all your essential communication and branding via email to be easily accessed on an iPad, tablet or mobile device. Better yet, opt for one of the top event apps that help your delegates to get in touch before the event and stay connected long after it.

- Opt for biodegradable, recyclable, sustainable and chemical-free packaging wherever possible. Instead of handing out bottled water willy-nilly, set up water stations with cool jugs of water and biodegradable cups.

- Set up user-friendly recycling stations for tossing away rubbish. Make sure they’re easy to find and simple to understand. These bins should be clearly labelled: glass, paper, plastic, metal and food waste.  

- Wherever possible use alternative energy sources, be it solar or wind power you’ll be doing the planet a great favour. If conventional energy use is the only option, ensure to use lights and power as efficiently as possible. Ensure lights and electronics are switched off when not in use. A good way to keep delegates involved in your greening efforts is to monitor power usage in real time to keep attendees updated on current usage levels.

- Preferably opt for caterers who serve local, organic and fair-trade food. You’ll not only earn brownie points for being environmentally conscious but also get the nod of approval from the health and wellness attendees who, these days, are the norm rather than the exception.

- Instead of offering the conventional team-building activities, support local causes with an environmentally-conscious event. Teams might choose to plant food-gardens at a local orphanage or community centre or put on their maintenance caps to replenish old buildings or furniture instead of simply buying new ones.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ideas on implementing the latest MICE industry trends. At all of our Costa Blanca resorts, we constantly strive to keep up to date with the latest developments in events and hospitality. From the sustainable and eco-friendly move forward to the tricks to answering all your location questions, our highly skilled staff will be more than happy to assist you, every step of the way. Contact us for more information on our portfolio of Costa Blanca resorts that are winning awards for being top MICE venue destinations.