Travel incentives are designed to reward, motivate, inspire and encourage employees to get back to work renewed, re-energized and ready to give their very best, all over again.

With the incentive industry in full swing once more, according to the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) Pulse Survey “67% of respondents said they are increasing their incentive travel budgets for 2016” and with this increase, many companies are looking abroad for the perfect travel incentive locations. This is an important fact, because the location you choose will define the success of your incentive. Keep in mind that the main challenge here is to create a travel incentive program that will appeal to a multigenerational audience. While millennials, who make up a substantial portion of the modern workforce, crave exhilarating immersive and culturally authentic and unique experiences, other generations may value activities that allow for more personal interactions. The big question that MICE planners ask themselves is: where. Our recommendation, is Spain. As one of the most popular destinations in Europe, you can rest assured that this is a destination delegates will absolutely love.

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why Spain is a fabulous travel incentive destination:

The food and wine: Spain’s food is rich in flavour and diversity. From paella and tapas to tortillas and an abundance of seafood dishes, delegates will be spoilt for choice when it comes to Spanish cuisine. Food is an integral part of successful travel incentives, so finding a location that makes your job easier, is certainly a bonus. Spain is certainly one of these destinations.

The people: energetic, passionate, vibrant and friendly, the Spanish people are an absolute joy to be around. Eager to please, they are always willing to help.

The climate: the glorious Mediterranean climate allows for wonderfully warm summers and mild winters, pleasant autumns and beautiful springs — perfect for any kind of travel incentive program, any time of the year.

The culture and heritage: Spain’s unique and wonderful culture and diverse heritage set the scene for memorable experiences for your delegates. Allow your guests to immerse themselves in Spanish experiences: they can enjoy Spanish cuisine and wine while watching flamenco dancers, embark on a tour of some of the most unique architecture in Europe or explore the incredible collections of art — whatever it is, there is one thing for sure: your delegates are in for an incredible time. If the 44 World Heritage Sites aren’t enough to wow them, one of the numerous festivals that run through the year is bound to.

Transport: Spain boasts a first world transport infrastructure and almost anything is a train, plane, taxi, bus or boat ride away. Most major cities have airports and the public transport system works extremely well.

If this was not enough to convince you, here is some inspiration for the types of incentives you could hold:

City-based incentives. No two cities in Spain are exactly alike, each offering it’s own unique selling points. The capital, Madrid, is perfect for discovering incredible works of art in galleries, a night at the theatre, exploring palaces, indulging in world-class food and day trips to incredible medieval towns such as Toledo. Not to mention a vibrant nightlife. Barcelona has a somewhat more relaxed feel to it, but no shortage of fantastic bars, incredible art collections, awe-inspiring architecture and more. Your delegates can enjoy the beach after a busy day's program, and a day trip to the Pyrenees gives a wonderful break from the bustling city. Seville is yet another interesting and different city. Located in the Andalucian region, where flamenco, tapas and bullfights are said to originate, this eclectic and picturesque city is energetic and should be explored on bike.  

Adventurous incentives: from skiing in the mountains in the north during winter to walking the Camino di Santiago in the spring, the choices for adventure-based incentives in Spain are manifold.

Beach or Island incentives allow for incentives that are based around beach activities, water sports, and of course soaking up as much sunshine as possible. Delegates can relax on the beach during downtime, go on a sunset cruise or laze around by the pool, but whatever the activity, these incentives are best enjoyed sangria in hand.

Mixed incentives: Spain’s diversity allows for many different types of incentives, and every now and then you happen upon an absolute gem of a location that offers a little something for everyone. Travel incentives based in the Costa Blanca are perfect for every type of delegate. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy the incredible watersports on offer, or even hike the famous Penyal d'Ifach. Those who are eager to enjoy some sunshine and sea sand between their toes, can head to one of the blue flag beaches. Historical sites will have history buffs in awe, and for those who are looking for some retail therapy, the boutique stores and ample shops will occupy them for hours.

With the best location being key to successful travel incentives keep in mind that your incentive destination is only as good as the place you stay. This detail can make or break the success of your incentives. Get in touch with us for the best all round solution for travel incentives and a range of MICE award winning Costa Blanca resorts to choose from. With experience in MICE and travel incentives, we can assist you with any and every aspect of your travel incentives in Costa Blanca.