One of the most incredible things about setting incentives in Spain, is the immense range of options afforded to you as a MICE consultant.

Not only does the diversity of the landscapes, areas and specialities bring a range of options, but the weather itself will help you to choose where and what time of the year to set your travel incentives, depending on the type of incentive that you are looking to create. Here’s an overview of what to expect where in Spain to keep at the fore of your mind when planning your travel incentives:

The weather in Spain in a nutshell:

For the most part, the sweeping statement one often hears when inquiring about the type of weather enjoyed in Spain, is that it enjoys a Mediterranean climate. This means that it tends to enjoy dry, hot summers and mild wet winters. But in reality, Spain has three prime climate zones; in the north the temperatures tend to be lower than other parts of Spain, in the centre of Spain, which is located on a plateau, it’s typically hot and dry and the southern and eastern parts being mild year-round, especially those along the coast. The reality is that where you set your travel incentives, and when, will greatly impact the type of incentive you can host, so you really want to pick these factors wisely.

Winter/ski travel incentives

As we already mentioned, areas in the northern parts of Spain tend to be colder. It’s also where the snow falls the most. So, if you are interested in travel incentives that centre on the cold or the snow (for a skiing incentive for example), it would be best to look at northern parts of Spain. The ideal times would be between January and February when the sun is shining and the snow is perfectly powdery. Ensure that participants bring sunscreen and goggles because the strong winter sun is not to be underestimated!

Even if you are not wanting to plan a ski incentive or one that is particularly reliant on winter weather, there is a major benefit to setting incentives during this time: the off-peak prices. If budget is an issue for you then setting your incentive in winter could be ideal. The winter months are from mid-December to mid-March. Another great perk is that there are usually far fewer tourists at this time.

Summer travel incentives by the sea

If you want the peak of summer for your travel incentives then the hottest sunniest summer months are from June to October where the temperatures can get into the 30s (degrees Celsius that is). It’s a wonderful time in Spain, with fiestas and gorgeous weather, but keep in mind that these are also the prime tourist months and as well as the school holiday months – expect peak travel prices and crowds. You just need to think about whether this is the best time for your travel incentives for you to get the most out of your budget, and for the participants to enjoy themselves the most.

If you are thinking of setting your travel incentives in the cities instead, it is probably also best to avoid these months. Central cities, or those that are more inland, will be absolutely boiling, but one benefit is that they will be quiet. You really need to weigh up what is important to you and what will make your incentive a success.

Shoulder month travel incentives

If you are looking to set your travel incentives in good weather, not too hot nor too cold, where there is a good mix of tourists but it’s not too crowded, and where the prices are better, then the shoulder months are perfect for you. During these months – typically spring and autumn – the weather is mild, the crowds are fewer and further between, and the prices are more budget-friendly. We highly recommend setting travel incentives in spring for the perfect incentive; any time from mid-April to the end of May.

The bottom line

No matter when you set your travel incentives in Spain you are bound to be able to make it an incredible one. Because in Spain, the fiestas (or festivals) take place year-round, the food is always good, and the cities always beautiful.

If you would like more information on setting incentives in Spain, then this ebook is definitely for you: The Ultimate Guide to Incentive Travel in Spain. Alternatively, you can contact us directly. We have a group of exceptional hotels in Costa Blanca perfectly suited to your next travel incentive in Spain.