Being a parent is no walk in the park. It’s rewarding, make no mistake, but it’s not easy. And on top of the logistics of parenting, emotionally it’s something else altogether. It was Elizabeth Stone who so poignantly put it:

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” As a parent, one of your biggest roles is to give support. The support that is consistent, patient and kind. In fact, it’s a huge contributing factor to raising children that are well-balanced, on all levels. A strong support system at home means that children have a stable footing – they have a safe place where they are loved, accepted, can feel proud of their achievements and can feel confident. A lack of support can also make the opposite true – it’s that powerful. So, on that note, here are the top five parenting skills tips for how to build a solid support system for your children:

Be a cheerleader

From supporting your child on the sports field, while they are on stage, or when it comes to how they are achieving academically, it’s critical that they know you support them. But, it’s equally vital that they understand that it’s less about what they achieved and more about how they achieved it. This is fundamental when it comes to parenting skills. The focus should shift from an A on a test, or an award on stage, to the incredible effort they put into what they did, and how they achieved it with or without the accolades. You don’t want them to start measuring their success solely by what they have to show for their achievement.

Make time for family time

We live in a society that’s governed by a reliance on technology. We want to check out the latest posts on social media, have a need to post everything we do, and we want to binge-watch the latest series on Netflix. It’s easy to want to set up camp in front of the television for dinner after a long day of work and school, but rather, hone your parenting skills and find ways to make sure you have some quality time with the family. Eating together, sans the television, is an excellent way to ensure this happens daily. Ask about your family members’ days, how they plan on preparing for certain upcoming tests, or what they are interested in at school. Show that learning is valuable, but don’t put too much pressure on outcomes.

Ensure your children know they are loved

This may sound silly as far as parenting skills go, but it’s paramount that your kids know that you love them. There are people that genuinely struggle to say those three words, or think that their family just intuitively knows it because – of course, you love them right? But, children need to hear it. Hugging is also important. There are ample studies on the importance of human touch. It helps ease stress, which in turn will help with your children’s ability to concentrate and focus at school.


Reading to your kids is not only a fantastic form of quality time, but it also helps your children when it comes to language development, listening skills, reading skills, and can impact their overall success in school and learning down the line. More than that, it shows your children that you want to spend time with them and loves it too.

Live and let live

This is a tough one for many parents, but one of the most important things you can learn to do is let your children be who they are. If they need music in the background when they are doing their homework but you always needed it to be dead quiet, let them do what is best for them. Remember that there are different ways that children focus and learn best, so rather identify which your child prefers and let them go with it. Don’t be one of those parents who force all of their ideas on them.

These small parenting skills tips can make a huge difference in your children’s lives and many of them you can start implementing today. The journey is not always easy because sometimes doing the best for your children means taking a step back.

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