Event Coordinators fall in the top 10 most stressful jobs in the world.

This is according to Forbes’ roundup of 2014’s most stressful jobs. Coming in at sixth place, event coordinators are unsurprisingly feeling the pressure. With sometimes thousands of people, tasks, meetings and expectations to manage, as a MICE agent or coordinator, you understandably need to have plenty of infrastructure in place to allow you to keep a hold on all those strands.

A straightforward event briefing template can go a long way to clarifying your event for your potential suppliers and vendors (and also for yourself). We can’t promise it’ll eliminate the pressure, but it’ll at least separate it into manageable boxes.

The key to creating an event briefing template that achieves effective results

According to the event blog Event Juice, there are four elements that are essential to a successful event briefing template. Their overview states that a great event briefing template should:

- Include a suitable company profile: With good branding it’s possible to set the tone of your company and give your clients and suppliers a good idea of who you are. You want to create a positive brand association between your company and the success of the event you’re putting together.

- Be detailed: The more detailed your brief is, the greater your chances are of receiving quality and on-target proposals from your suppliers. Of course every event is different and varying information applies to each supplier, so each brief should be customised accordingly. Ultimately, discretion is key; the decor company might need to know you need 1000 napkins the colour of the company’s particular chartreuse logo, whereas this would naturally be irrelevant to the lighting guys. In the opinion of Event Juice, “You can never have enough information. When you think you have enough, go through it and add more. No one ever complained an event brief had too much detail in it.”

- Be clear about your budget: When it comes to the budget, transparency is key. Nobody wants to be surprised by unexpected costs and so if the budget is clearly set out and shared from the beginning, there is less chance of someone turning around and claiming ignorance. Ideally you want your suppliers to work within the confines of the budget by finding creative solutions and cost-effective options from the initial brief.

- Include a timeline: It’s vital for the event briefing template to leave room for a timeline that clearly shows when things will need to be delivered. If you are sending the event brief out to suppliers that you’ve yet to award business to, add a date of when your decision will be made, leaving enough time for them to fully respond. Although everyone in the event industry knows, last-minute events come with the territory. Nevertheless, setting clear dates and deliverables on the event brief will greatly enhance your chances of things flowing smoothly.

Other things to consider

Customise your event briefing template to suit your brand. Make sure your template is conveying the right image. Is your company fun, quirky,professional, sexy, sleek?  

Although creating detailed briefs can seem laborious, creating clear and specific briefs is key to improving the accuracy and quality of the proposals you’ll receive and, ultimately, the event you can put together. If you’re looking to create a memorable destination event, conference or corporate incentive, let us know what you’re looking for. With our extensive collection of hotels in Calpe and reams of experience in the coporate event field, AR-hotels are confident in their reliabilty as a top supplier of quality venues and hotels in Calpe. We look forward to helping you create your special event based on the specifications of your briefing.