One of the greatest things about being an avid cyclist is that things just don’t get boring. There are always new routes to discover and conquer, new bikes to try out, diverse ways to train and challenge yourself and, of course, an ever changing landscape when it comes to trends and the latest cycle tech.

If you have been keeping abreast of cycle tech trends it should be no surprise to you that a big thing this year is wearable tech. Interested in finding out which of this year’s toys are our favourite? Here they are:
Smart Helmets

Something a little special for those that enjoy filming their rides, these helmets are by far one of our favourite bits of cycle tech set to be released this year. The edgy helmets are designed to film your ride in high-quality 4D in 360 degrees, while, naturally, keeping you safe. But it doesn’t stop there. According to this article, “With a built in GPS sensor, barometer, accelerometer and Wi-Fi, [they’re] offering a lot more than just safety”.

4iiii Precision Power Meter

While not exactly ‘wearable’ tech, this is, however, another fine example of innovative cycle tech. The 4iiii Precision Power Meter weighs a light 25 grams, is exceptionally well priced for a gadget of its calibre (it's actually cheaper than almost any other power meter) and measures the rider’s power output to the left and right sides.

Lumenus’ Cycle backpack

We all know the woes and the dangers of cycling in the dark, but thanks to this incredible cycle tech, your night rides are about to become that much brighter. The LED backpack released by Lumenus indicates which way you will be turning, and ensures that people can see you on a night ride. The bag that attaches via bluetooth to your smartphone, also lights up when you are slowing down.

The Shadow Jersey from Rapha

There’s nothing like some unexpected rain to ruin a great ride out, which is why this cycle tech is so incredibly awesome (and useful). There’s no doubt about it, come the rainy season the Rapha Shadow Jersey is going to be your best friend. While pricey at around £220, this incredible bit of tech is exceptionally breathable thanks to its ‘durable water repellent’ fabric – it’s also form-fitting and keeps you cool while you ride, but is thoroughly waterproof.

Solos Cycling Glasses

Next on the list for incredible cycle tech are these high-end glasses designed by Solos. This impressive piece of wearable tech allows you to keep track of directions and stats as you peddle. While these glasses are unarguably impressive, they come with a hefty price tag at £350.

The SmartHalo Device

This cost effective and brilliant little device is high up on our list of excellent cycle tech for 2016. Set to be released in late 2016, this device’s goal is to make your life more convenient and safer on the roads. The SmartHalo can be left on your bike permanently thanks to its military grade locking device, it has approximately three week’s worth of charge in the battery, can go through different weather, has a headlight which switches on automatically, sports a simple light display, gives you your phone notifications, has an alarm, switches on and off automatically, and measures various metrics important for the avid cyclist. The device has the word ‘smart’ in it for a reason! They are available to pre-order.

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