You already know that motherhood is no walk in the park, unless that park is a dizzying maze, paved with paths of sinking sand, which you’re trying to navigate while holding armfuls of kids wailing because you said no, they could not have a third slice of cake.

Tina Fey described the experience of motherhood well when she said, “You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘this is impossible — oh this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.”  When making your way through this sometimes challenging terrain, a little help and guidance can go a long way. Which is why we’ve put together this list of mummy bloggers who provide tips to help mums save time and money, ideas for raising happy healthy kids and an empathising space for support and occasional commiseration. We round up five of the best mummy bloggers from the UK:

- A mummy too

Containing what it describes as “food and lifestyle for busy parents”, this power mum’s blog features a range of topics that cater not only to the mum in you, but the woman too; from articles about kids’ activities, ideas for fun days out and children’s literature, to more lifestyle-oriented subjects such as beauty, good causes, health and finance. Best of all, the blog is crammed with family-friendly recipes and was recently named 2015’s Best Food Blog at The Mad Blog Awards, which celebrates fantastic parenting blogs and mummy bloggers.

- Who’s the mummy

With a focus on travel, technology and lifestyle, “this blog is the true story of Sally and Flea. Sally is a freelance writer, and Flea has recently taken up a position in Big School” (as their introduction explains). This easy-to-read blog tackles both interesting and serious subjects - such as “Questions to ask at secondary school open days” or “How many likes is enough?”, a post exploring the burgeoning obsession and effects of social media on tweens - and more playful ones (see: ‘How can your child humiliate you - let me count the ways’).

- The sticky fingers blog

Former features editor, Tara Cain writes about all things travel, photography and motherhood. The gorgeous images are a staple but despite their magazine-gloss quality, the blog maintains a sense of authenticity as Tara, without the sugar-coating, writes about her everyday experience of being a mum in a family.

- Mum in the madhouse

For a blog that shines in the arts, crafts and kids’ activities department, you can’t go wrong with Mum in the madhouse which “is about trying to live a creative family life in The Mad House (our home).” It features ideas for every season, for the kitchen, for the art room and plenty more.

- Slummy single mummy

A funny take on life, lifestyle and naturally, kids too, from the perspective of a single mum. Jo deals with everything from ‘Are your family holidays trapped in technology?’ and tackling picky eating, to hilarious rants like, ‘A short rant about instagram and my breakfast not being beautiful’.

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