Holidays with your significant other used to centre on all things romantic: candlelit dinners, leisurely strolls hand-in-hand along the beach, perhaps even a couples massage at an incredible spa in some exotic location.

Having children naturally changed that dynamic considerably. But we all know that family holidays are invaluable. There is something profoundly special about exploring new places (and getting lost) with your family and maximising some QT with your nearest and dearest in foreign, exotic lands. However, taking the kids on a family vacation doesn’t mean that the relationship with your partner has to have the romance sucked out of it. Not sure how to balance the kids and keep the romance alive on your next family vacation? We drew our inspiration from this article to give you a few tips on how to keep the romance alive with your partner with the children in tow:

Make use of in-house babysitters

Many family-friendly resorts these days offer childcare services which allow you and your partner to take some time for the two of you while knowing your children are well looked after during your family vacation. Conversely, if you would rather someone you know and already trust look after your precious little ones, and your budget allows for it, consider bringing your own babysitter along for the trip! This will allow you ample time (and flexibility) to connect with your partner one-on-one — knowing that your children are having a wonderful time too. When it comes to taking babysitters on the trip remember that “full-time childcare providers are typically paid their usual weekly rate plus any meals or entrance fees while away”. Part-time sitters might be tempted by the idea of free travel, but giving them some free time and fair pay is definitely recommended.

Find a resort with a children’s entertainment programme

These days parents are actually spoilt for choice when it comes to family-friendly accommodation options. While not all of the resorts and hotels will offer in-house babysitters, many of them have children’s entertainment programmes (especially over the holidays) and there are those that even have children’s clubs providing around the clock activities for little ones. According to the article, “examples of hotels with kids camps include Beaches, Club Med (four months to 17 years), Four Seasons (five years and older at most locations), and Hyatt (age three to 12).”

Travel in groups

While this may sound counter-intuitive, a great way to ensure that there is a constant supply of trusted (and eager) babysitters while on a family vacation is to travel with a group of either friends or extended family members. If you go with friends who also have children, alternate babysitting duties so that each couple gets some time with the kids and some time to themselves. If you plan on doing this, just make sure that everyone understands the nature of the holiday. You don’t want to suddenly force your parents to take on babysitting duties during their holiday if they didn’t agree to it.

Opt for a suite or connecting rooms

A popular option for families is to opt for family suites or connecting rooms that allow for space between the rooms (and a little privacy). However, as the article points out, ensure that you fully understand what the word ‘suite’ means to the hotel you're booking with because “...sometimes a “suite” is simply a larger room with a sitting area.”

Make time for ‘us time’

Human beings are great at making excuses. How many times have you yourself said to a friend or family member: “I’m sorry I haven’t replied I’ve just been so busy” or “I just haven’t had time” or “things have been crazy”. The reality is that if we really want to make the time, we will. Find creative ways to make time for your partner, such as when the little ones have gone to sleep or are spending time with their cousins, in order to enjoy some romance while on a family vacation.

Choose a destination that naturally lends itself to romance

Even if you are lugging children, prams and nappies, there are certain places in this world that just exude romance. Revel in the charm of Paris as you stroll along the streets hand-in-hand with your partner (with children in tow), enjoy a glass of wine together in Florence as you watch your children play in a gorgeous square, get a room with a view in Barcelona or sip cocktails overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea in Alicante while your children enjoy the hotel's entertainment programme. Choosing a location that is organically romantic will certainly make for smoother transitions between a family vacation and a romantic getaway for you and your partner.

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