There are no two ways about it: the incredible Spanish lifestyle is certainly to be envied. The Spanish have somehow managed to perfectly balance work and play, and when they ‘play’, they go all out. The Spanish just know how to live life: long languid meals, lunchtime siestas, year-round fiestas, glorious Mediterranean food and awe-inspiring and diverse landscapes offering ample things to do in the sometimes 300 plus days of sunshine a year. Not only that, but the incredible country and its culture allows for exceptional and unique experiences perfect for those with a serious case of wanderlust. If Spain sounds like the type of place you would like to explore, then find out how to live the Spanish lifestyle with these unique experiences:

Zipline into Portugal

The Spanish lifestyle is all about embracing how you feel, and this experience is sure to get your heart pumping. Little known to the reams of tourists that head to Spain each year is this incredible zipline, which transports people to an entirely different country (it’s the only cross country zipline in the world). The Limite Zero Zipline allows the adrenaline junkies to take a one minute journey into Portugal from Sanlúcar de Guadiana (in Andalusia) to Alcoutim in the east of Algarve. If this sounds like your idea of fun then click here for more information.

Enjoy a meal at the oldest restaurant in the world

Food, and mealtimes in general, play a very large part in Spanish lifestyle. Mealtimes are an opportunity to spend quality time with family and to eat good, satisfying food, and are certainly not rushed. So eating traditional meals in Spain is an absolute must, but those who want to do something a little different should head to Madrid and enjoy a Spanish meal at Sobrino de Botin which is almost 300 years old. Rumour has it that they still use the original wood oven to make exceptional lamb dishes.

Have a drink at the only beach ice bar in the world

Sometimes when it comes to the Spanish people or the Spanish lifestyle, things may not make sense to you — much like the idea of an ice bar on a beach in Barcelona. But for those interested in checking it out head to El Somorrostro beach, where you are bound to find a welcome reprieve from the sometimes harsh Spanish summers at the ice bar. Temperatures inside the bar range from -2° and -10°C, due to the exceptional interior created entirely of ice.

Take part in La Tomatina

Festivals, or fiestas, are an integral part of the Spanish lifestyle and la Tomatina has to be one of the craziest and most enjoyable of them! For a food fight to remember, head to the Valencian town of Buñol, where once a year on the last Wednesday of August, the biggest food fight in the world ensues. But, be warned, the food of choice here as the name suggests, is overripe tomatoes. This is a messy affair well worth the experience, but be sure to wear old clothes and take a change of clothing for when the madness is over.

Eat food barbecued over a volcano

Most people enjoy a good barbecue with friends, but few have ever had their food barbecued over the geothermal heat of an active volcano. For those interested in a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, then head to El Diablo Restaurante in the Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote, Canary Islands. This restaurant, which has been going since the 70s, offers grilled meats and fish and has incredible views of an area that strikes an uncanny resemblance to Mars.

Visit an underwater wine cellar

While food is a fundamental part of the Spanish lifestyle, so is their incredible wine. This exciting journey is definitely for the thrill-seeking wine fans. Vina Maris situated in glorious Calpe is an incredible and unique wine company that ages their wine, you guessed it, in a wine cellar under the sea! Trained divers are afforded the opportunity to visit underwater wineries to find perfectly aged bottles of wine or beers made with seawater which are sampled back on board and paired with local delicacies. If diving is your thing the great news is that Clape offers wonderful scuba diving (or snorkelling) opportunities among many other unique and exciting adventures that speak of the glorious Spanish lifestyle.

If you are looking for the ultimate Spanish getaway with incredible scenery and exhilarating experiences then head to Calpe. This gorgeous coastal town along the Costa Blanca has everything you could possibly want and more. And after a busy day of adventures, why not kick back and relax at one of our extraordinary hotels in Calpe. Contact us to make a booking today.