Summer holidays have rolled around again. Part of you can’t wait for the break, while the other part knows that the long unstructured days means finding ways to fill your children’s time to avoid the dreaded whines of ‘I’m bored’.

We consider how best to fill your kids’ holidays in ways that, quite conveniently, might be enjoyable for you too.

What’s the verdict on technology allowance over the holidays?

As tempting as it sometimes seems to give into kids desires for endless television over the holidays, it’s worthwhile paying attention to that gnawing suspicion that there are more stimulating ways to pass the hours.

The rise and increasingly dominating nature of technology on our lives means that children are playing and learning in drastically different ways to how they used to. Research studying the effects, acknowledges that although it’s still too early to analyse the long-term effects of technology on brain development, there is a fair amount of research already available showing the benefits as well the harmful effects of technology on children’s capacity to memorise, analyse and imagine.

Technology has infiltrated our lives to an irreversible extent and although one hopes we garner the benefits of this infiltration, it’s vital for parents to monitor their children’s technological consumption to ensure that the positive effects of old-fashioned learning and games aren’t lost along the way. Although the pros and cons cannot be disputed, according to these studies, “the bottom line is that too much screen time and not enough other activities, such as reading, playing games, and good old unstructured and imaginative play, will result in your children having their brains wired in ways that make them less, not more, prepared to thrive in this crazy new world of technology.”

The importance of play in developing happy, healthy and smarter kids

Einstein himself said it: “Play is the highest form of research.” In an article on the benefits of play, Dr Marie Hartwell-Walker explains the signifcant effects of play on children. These include:

- Developing healthy brains.

- Stimulating imagination and creativity.

- Enhancing social and emotional capacities.

- Encouraging a sense of empathy by developing a child’s “theory of mind” which she calls the “ability to walk in another’s shoes.”

- Building physical skills, strength and fitness.

Get the most from out-of-school time with these play-filled holiday options and top kids’ activities

Get out of the usual rut, away from the video games and television sets to a place made for play. Family-friendly holiday escapes provide the perfect setting for children to fill their days with active and stimulating kids’ activites.

- Make the great outdoors your children’s playground in Calpe. Hike to the top of the famous Rock of Ifach to marvel in the wonder of nature. Take in the awe-inspiring views and learn all about the fascinating varieties of fauna, flora and colourful birdlife.

- Opt for sailing lessons and head out as a family for wind-swept sunny days on a yacht. Kids can learn the ins and outs of navigation, the technical aspects of sailing, all while having fun and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D.

- Top luxury hotels in Calpe go out of their way to cater for children through  holiday clubs, kids’ activities and fun guides to keep your kids busy with everything from dancing classes on the beach to arts and crafts.

The best hotels not only cater for kids but also for parents, they provide all this so that parents can make the most of their free time too. AR Diamante Beach (and all the fine hotels in their AR-hotels portfolio) offer the most comforting spa facilities, gourmet delights and ideal surrounding for lying back comfortably while taking in the beautiful views and seemingly endless sun. For further details about top hotels in Calpe and AR-hotels’ extensive kids’ activities programme (and luxury offerings for parents) get in touch with their friendly team. They look forward to welcoming you.