There are many phenomenal aspects to working in the travel industry, and one of the most exciting is that it’s an industry constantly in a state of change. No two things stay the same for too long in an industry that adapts and moulds to the growing trends, to the multi-generational audience we cater for and, of course, to the latest technology that allows for easier, more streamlined, personalised and immersive travel. And the great thing is that it makes your life planning events and incentives that much easier too.

Here we outline some of the most noteworthy innovations and technology in the travel industry changing the traveller’s experience from the booking phase to the holiday itself:

Mobile apps

It’s no surprise that smartphones are at the fore of technology in the travel industry. In fact, mobile is where a lot of the changes in the industry originated, and it’s already had a massive impact on the way that people travel today. The great thing about apps? They are constantly changing and upgrading in order to keep up with the latest trends and be the best of the best – a very serious challenge in the digital age we live in. Here are three of our favourites:

FLIO: this app makes travellers’ entire airport experience easier and much more enjoyable.

B-Guest: “Your mobile concierge”, this app is designed to make your stay at a hotel both totally stress- and hassle-free.

Moovit: a simple app designed to help travellers navigate local transport in the best possible ways.

Wearable travel tech

Another not-so-new concept, but one that is constantly being improved upon, updated and sometimes reinvented is wearable tech – another central figure in technology in the travel industry. Wearable and mobile tech are still some of the travel industry’s leading innovations. On-the-go information delivered straight to a person’s smartwatch or mobile phone is huge in the travel industry, and for things like events and conferences it goes a layer deeper – you can personalise these experiences.

According to this site, 2016 is seeing “...seamless ‘multichannel’ access across devices, all-in-one ‘power apps’, wearable technologies and location-based services such as keyless hotel room entry, airport alerts and enhanced online interaction between meeting attendees.”  The wearable tech these days is incredible, from smartwatches to Google glasses and motion sickness preventing bands to smart uniforms and wearable translators, there are now ample easy and effective ways to enhance travellers’ experiences with wearable tech.

Virtual Reality

A current buzzword and an exceptionally exciting technology in the travel industry is virtual reality (or VR for those in the know). While VR is not an entirely new concept, the technology available today takes it to an entirely new level, especially for those that are willing to test the boundaries.

Deep VR, an exceptional VR company based in South Africa, is one such company taking VR to some of the most incredible places and 360º experiences – from hot air balloon excursions to  concerts. – What’s more, in August they are headed to Kenya to film the Great Wildebeest Migration, so that you can experience something on the other side of the world from the comfort of your couch. (Check out their YouTube channel here and you can even get involved with their current campaign here).

The great thing about VR and the use of Google Cardboards, Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR (all great examples of wearable tech) is that they not only allow people to experience things from far away, but they instill a sense of wanderlust in the viewers, enticing them to book a stay at a hotel they have just walked through virtually or that experience they would like to have in real life. Another incredible thing about VR? With many companies cottoning on to the benefits of VR and mobile companies starting to test 360º tech, it looks like this is only the beginning.

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