It's undeniable how beneficial and important traveling with your family is. It gives you time to bond, creates wonderful memories and provides ample learning opportunities for your kids.

This is what you have to hold on to as you sit in the cab on the way to the airport, and your precious little ones ask the ever so familiar, “Are we there yet?”. If the thought of your fellow passengers grumbling and throwing your children irritated glances has you reaching instinctively for your tablet, don’t. In this article it was found that “old-fashioned fun is all you need to keep children happy in-flight...”. So here are some great kids’ activities, based on the Daily Mail article, to keep your kids entertained on the plane:

Play-Doh and Loom Bands — the article states that “The most popular toy among two to five year olds was Play-Doh, while Loom Bands were a firm favourite with the five to 10 year olds.” Print out and laminate Play-Doh sheets to avoid the mess for little ones or buy a Loom Band kit with easy instructions for slightly older kids. Turn the kids’ activities into bonding experiences by helping them with the activity.

Lego and Top Trump cards — with Lego and Top Trumps cards making up the article’s top four of best kids’ activities on flights, and proving to entertain kids for almost 40 minutes, make sure your kids’ backpacks have these essentials in them.

Playing cards — the article states that “Bringing out a different toy at regular intervals is guaranteed to keep them quiet for longer than 90 minutes.” Uno and Usborne Activity Cards were rated as top kids’ activities, according to the article. When you see your kids losing interest in their Lego or Loom Beads, it’s time to whip out the cards.

Magnetic travel games — when slightly older kids start getting bored of card games, they can try their hand at magnetic board games. Travel-friendly and compact, these games include the likes of Ludo, Backgammon and Chess. The magnetic pieces will ensure that they stay on the board — for the most part.

Aquadoodle Children love to colour and draw. But this can be quite a messy affair. Crayons always seem to break and children just love to draw on surfaces they are not meant to. Getting wax crayons off of food trays can be difficult. Aquadoodle is a wonderful mess-free option. They have a special travel sized version — all you do is add water and let your kids have fun drawing to their heart’s content.

Finger puppets — as your kids start to get sleepy, give them a finger puppet bedtime story especially if this is the norm at home. Pick their favourite story or create a new one.

Stickers — another top kids’ activity is to play with stickers. There are wonderful ranges of sticker adventure books that will occupy kids for some time.

Books — slightly older kids that enjoy reading should be able to lose themselves in a book for quite a while. Buy them a new book before the trip so they are excited to get started with it, or read to a little one.

DVD player/Tablets — if all else fails, keep a DVD player or tablet on you as a last resort. Many parents swear by them, but try the other kids’ activities first. Make sure you have headphones for your kids and keep favourite movies and games on the tablet.

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Extra tips for a peaceful flight

The Daily Mail article suggests keeping things on hand to distract from or ease ‘popping ears’. Drinks or healthy snacks on takeoff and landing are ideal.

Try buy games new and wrap them. The novelty of new games will keep them busy for longer and unwrapping will take up some extra few minutes of flight time.

Avoid static toys like teddies. You want to pack games that can take up time and entertain in their own right.

The article recommends that you also “Think about games that you don't need to carry. Verbal games like ‘I Spy’ and ‘Twenty Questions’ are good ways to pass the flight time.”

The article also suggests bringing pyjamas for night flights. “Getting children ready for bed will help avoid disrupting their sleep pattern.”

With these suggestions and tips you should have a pleasant trip, or at least a couple of hours of peace. Ideally, you would want to stick to flights that are short. Calpe on the gorgeous Costa Blanca is a mere two and a half hour flight from the UK, and is the perfect destination for a memorable family holiday. Contact us here for our range of kid-friendly Calpe hotels, where our kids’ entertainment programmes will have your kids entertained for hours.