Staying healthy isn’t just a trend, it’s a way of life. The weekly grind places enormous pressure on our well-being and while eating healthily and exercising regularly are commonplace for the health conscious, they’re not the only way to maintain a happy heart.

If you’re interested in new ways to stay healthy then you probably know that maintaining mental fitness is equally as important as physical health. And yet, sometimes living a fast-paced, modern life makes it difficult to find quiet moments of calm and reflection.

This is where wellness retreats can help. If your health is a priority, then you know that the right getaway can rejuvenate your body and do wonders for your mind. Surrounding yourself with new scenery is the perfect way to find new inspiration and recalibrate. Wellness retreats aren’t like ordinary getaways where you might have to compromise your hearty habits and return feeling well-rested but a little less healthy.

If how to stay healthy is one of your primary concerns then we recommend going on retreats that focus on invigorating surf and yoga holidays, as well as incorporating the latest meditation and detoxing trends into your getaway. This will help you maintain a balanced body and jumpstart your important wellness and beauty resolutions. Here’s our guide on some best retreats that incorporate the latest beauty and wellness trends:


Do yourself a favour and detox

Detox retreats are all the rage because they’re specifically designed to give you the best nutrition along with destressing treatments that calm the body, mind and soul. If your general lifestyle is on-the-go and stressful then a weekend decompression is an ideal way to recharge. What’s more, most detox retreats offer tailormade packages and programmes to perfectly suit your body’s needs. Added to that, a two-day detox is ample enough for you to get a good-rest without taking too much time out your busy schedule.

The Ti Sans Liver Detox in Italy comes highly recommended. Their Mediterranean sauna and hydromassage removes toxins from your body caused by high sugar diets, helps boost your immune system and improves your skin.   

If you fancy an island getaway then The Kamalay Comprehensive Detox Rejuvenation Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand, offers bio-impedance analysis, colon hydrotherapy and ayurvedic therapies. The retreat reconciles the best of Eastern and Western detox therapies ensuring a holistic detox experience.

Salute the sun and find solace in the surf

If you want to stay healthy but need more than the bliss that spa treatments offer, you should consider combining pampering with beach time adventures. The Surf Goddess Retreat in Seminyak, Bali, is ranked #1 Women’s Retreat by TripAdvisor and offers a fantastic combination of downtime and outdoor escapades. You’ll get the opportunity to explore Balinese culture, taste world-class cuisine and sign-up for yoga and surfing lessons.


Learn to meditate

Imagine 600 acres of forest, lush meadows and breathtaking valleys geared towards helping you stay healthy.  At the Shambhala Mountain Centre in Northern Colorado, you’ll learn to calm your mind amongst green valleys and open skies. This wellness retreat explores the healing powers of meditation and the benefits of a calm, focused mind. Canoeing, painting and hiking are also on the itinerary, so don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be sitting around the entire day.

Another notable meditation retreat to put on your list is at The Holy Isle - a beautiful private island off the west coast of Scotland. Through deep meditation, you’ll discover the art of mindfulness and self-compassion. Meditation has incredible benefits for your well-being; it’s an immediate stress reliever, regulates your cardiovascular system and aids general concentration.

Taking a mental and physical break from the buzz of technology and everyday life is just one aspect of knowing how to stay healthy. There are loads of simple DIY treatments you can use when you don’t have time to take an extended break. For more info on quick and easy health and beauty tips we recommend downloading our eBook; Beauty and Wellness Trends for 2017. If you’re excited by the prospects of indulging in a wellness retreat then take a look at our Costa Blanca Resorts for invigorating getaways