It’s not exactly a secret that the MICE industry is a competitive one. To stand out in this industry you really have to create exceptional events and conferences. With this comes a fair share of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, observing MICE trends and finding ways to incorporate elements of those trends into your event – really acing conferencing also means making the absolute most of the venue and the city that you are in. So here’s a little ‘how to’ to ace conferencing in Calpe:

Choose the best venue and service providers

As I am sure you know all too well, not all venues are created equal. Conferencing in Calpe is not necessarily a new fad, and there are lots of potential conference venues in the area. But you don’t just want any venue, you want the best. Some of the top questions you need to ask yourself when venue-hunting are:

— Is the venue easily accessible?

— Does it make the most of Calpe’s coastline and views?
— Does the venue have any MICE experience? (not essential but definitely helpful)

— Is the venue within budget?

— Does it have modern facilities and technology?

— Are the service providers able to communicate in English effectively?

These are the absolute essentials, but remember when you are looking at venues that you really want one that is truly spectacular in its own right and adds an awesome element itself to the conference. And in Calpe, this should be easy to find.

Make the most of the city/area

When it comes to conferencing in Calpe you really want conference attendees to have an exceptional experience as a whole. And these days with conference attendees looking for culturally immersive and exciting experiences, you really want to make use of the fantastic area that surrounds Calpe and even the city itself. Arrange dinners (and possibly cooking classes) at some of the top Spanish restaurants in the area, organise different watersports as leisure activities, hikes up the Ifach rock or even go wine tasting at the magical underwater wine cellars. Whatever you do, plan incredible post-conference activities that allow delegates to make the most of Calpe.

Book amazing accommodation

There’s nothing like going abroad for a conference and arriving at an exceptional hotel after a long day of travelling (or a long day of being in conferences). Do your conference delegates a favour and find accommodation that is really a treat to stay in. Ideally, the venue you choose will have accommodation too. We highly recommend AR Diamante Beach Spa and Conference Centre for an out of this world location with first class accommodation to boot.

Don’t forget the catering

When it comes to conferencing in Calpe, make sure your delegates are well fed and have enough to drink. Having hours of conferences before you with no water, coffee or snacks is torture. Make sure you not only cater enough, but make the most of Calpe’s incredible food. Calpe’s cuisine centers on fresh ingredients – vegetables, fruit and fish – fragrant spices and delicious grains, all part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Make full use of the facilities

These days conference delegates expect events that make use of all the multimedia facilities as well as things likes WiFi (free) and even phone charging stations. For the conference-goers of the times, these are basically essential. What’s really great is that you can use these elements creatively to really create exceptional experiences – think of ways to do that and you are sure to impress delegates conferencing in Calpe.

Ensure that every conference counts

See every conference as an opportunity to learn so that you can make the next conference even better. Do everything you can do to ensure that conferencing in Calpe is a great experience. Conduct surveys at the end of your conferences so that you are equipped with the feedback needed to create even better conferences into the future.

When choosing providers in Calpe, consider AR Hotels who offer a perfect balance between all practical needs, such as technology and capacity, as well as decor, accommodation and activities for guests during leisure time, before and after the event. Contact us for more information or to book a conference at one of our hotels in Calpe.