When you find yourself travelling through some incredible new place, eager to explore all that it has to offer, it can be very easy to forget to watch what you and your family eat.

And I’m not talking in a ‘weightwatchers’ sense. It’s only human to get carried away while travelling, wanting to indulge in the local restaurants, and I’m sure the kids would love to see what the weird and wonderful local offerings at McDonald's are (spaghetti and chicken at McDonald’s in the Philippines, anyone?). But getting a severe case of ‘travel belly’, or anyone in the travel party getting sick, really has a way of putting a damper on any holiday, and while we don’t want you to worry every time you sit down for a meal, we just suggest following these healthy eating tips for travellers:

Look for a hotel near a convenience store

Constantly going out for meals while on a holiday heightens your chance of eating unhealthy and sketchy food, and it can be very costly. So another of the best healthy eating tips is to look for, and book, a hotel near a convenience store. That way you can easily stock up on necessities, such as bottles of water, fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks, and it serves as a place where you can buy a ready-made meal/salads or things for a picnic type meal in one of the closest parks. It gives you a pretty surefire way of knowing what is in your food. Unless it’s an Asian supermarket, which can make this far more complicated. A great way to keep store bought goodies fresh is to ask the hotel to empty out the mini bar, and use that as a fridge.

Make use of apps

See if there are any local ‘daily deal’ apps that give you discounts on restaurants with healthy options. This will be a great way to figure out where to get healthy food and save some money while you are at it, because we all know that travelling with the family can be expensive! You can also use apps that track your calories and your food intake to gauge how healthy you are being (but take these with a pinch of salt).

Drink enough fluidsThis is probably the most important of all of the healthy eating tips. While travelling, you need to make sure you are drinking enough fluids. No, I’m not talking about the alcoholic variety. While in most countries it’s not advised to drink the tap water, it’s important to drink copious amounts of water. It should, in fact, be the ‘drink of choice’ over alcoholic beverages (which can make things like jet lag far worse while travelling) and fizzy drinks.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast

Seeing as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, one of the most important eating healthy tips is to make sure you have a decent breakfast. Most hotels these days have breakfast included in the price per room. For slightly larger hotels, this tends to be in the form of a continental buffet breakfast, giving you ample choice to eat healthy food. Grab a bowl of fruit salad, start the day with some muesli, or opt for an omelette or some eggs and toast. Whatever you do, make sure you have enough to last you until lunch.

Avoid the junk food

It can be so tempting to head to the nearest fast food outlet when children are moaning, the husband is grumpy and you feel the rumbling in your own stomach (this would be a good time to bring out some of those store-bought healthy snacks). It’s also comforting in a strange place — at least you know what you will get. But avoid this at all costs. On top of keeping you from experiencing the local food, these foods have very little nutritional value, and are full of fats and carbohydrates and are just going to make your kids hyperactive  – and nobody wants that. Opt for local specialities, packed with fresh ingredients.

Find the balancePart of really experiencing a new and exciting place is getting to experience the local cuisine. And while I would definitely avoid fast food, a little sweet indulgence in moderation is totally allowed, encouraged even. It would be a travesty to go to Switzerland and not try their chocolate, or not to enjoy the doughy goodness of churros y chocolate in Spain. When it comes to deciding what you do, in terms of our healthy eating tips, balance is key.

One of the very best healthy eating tips, however, is also just to travel to countries that are already known for their healthy cuisine, which will make eating healthy, that much easier. The Spanish have the most incredibly healthy Mediterranean diet, and with star ingredients such as olive oil, fresh fruits, meat and vegetables, it’s no wonder. Contact us at AR Hotels to book a stay or to find out about one of our gorgeous hotels in Calpe, where healthy eating is made easy, and all our food is made with the freshest and best ingredients around.