How do you know if your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or simply has a healthy amount of ants in the pants?

According to this article there’s a slim line between a child with natural energy and those with a disorder which makes it difficult to function. It goes on to explain that “because most kids are naturally prone to daydreaming, fidgety behavior and a short attention span, ADHD is often not recognized until much later on in life.” We look at some of the symptoms of ADHD and for those kids free from the disorder but with plenty of energy we consider some fun activities for children to expend it.

Identifying the symptoms of ADHD

Seek professional advice if your child is constantly having a hard time:

- Concentrating or following instructions.

- Calming down or controlling behaviour “such as running in the halls or constantly interrupting conversations.”

Top energy-expending activities for hyperactive children

Whether your child is affected by the disorder or simply energetic, mums and dads dealing with excessive energy in the household know that it’s not always easy finding healthy and fun activities for children. But as the aforementioned article explains, “By finding ways to channel hyperactivity into productive activities, you can teach your child to use their energy as fuel for creativity.” They suggest five ways for your child to make the best use of all that energy.

1. Sports: Although martial arts gets a special mention for the way it encourages mental focus and physical movement, all sports and exercise are fantastic solution for hyperactive children. Team sports are great for aiding social skills. Things like tennis, swimming and other aquatic activities like surfing and sailing use up loads of energy while learning a skill that will be valuable for life.  

2. Dance, acting or music classes: The combination of physical exertion and creative stimulation is ideally suited for kids with a lot of ideas and energy bouncing around inside.

3. Arts and crafts: Similarly arts and crafts are perfect aids to the trouble of reining in the chaos inside.

4. Camping and outdoor activities: While learning about the natural world and gathering useful skills, kids who engage in camping and outdoor activities get to immerse themselves in beautiful, peaceful surroundings as they run, climb, build and play much like nature intended.

5. Helping around the home: Kids who are a little wired and wild will benefit from channeling their energy into useful household activities which can encourage parents and kids to bond and positively contribute to the wellbeing and emotional health of a family.

Ideal holiday ideas for kids with loads of energy (and parents with virtually none)

- There’s nothing like the great outdoors for energetic kids. Places with beaches and mountains provide a veritable playground for them.

- If your hyperactive kids have taken it out of you, you’re more than likely in need of a real holiday. So when choosing a family holiday destination be sure to pick somewhere that caters to your needs, as well as those of your kids. Top family-friendly hotels in Calpe like AR Diamante Beach busy your kids with fun activities for children, from mini disco and water polo to zumba, yoga, pilates and dance, throughout the high season.

- In Calpe you’ll find an an extrordinary water park featuring water slides, chutes, exclusive kids’ areas and a wave pool, that is sure to keep kids occupied for hours on end.

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