Europe has a long, healthy history of spa-infused relaxation and laid-back bliss.

Even the word ‘spa’ originates from the Belgian town of Spa. Archaeological traces of humans travelling to purifying hot baths in France and the Czech Republic have been uncovered, and the ancient Greeks and Romans were masters of the art of dipping into rejuvenating pools for the manifold purpose of purification, healing and unadulterated pleasure. Which is why when seeking the most relaxing destination to escape to, we naturally look to the European retreats excelling in the art and science of bliss. Here are our top picks of European retreats to lay back in and fall back in love with the sensory delights of life.

The Pomegranate, Turkey

Nestled in south-west Turkey, there sits an open-air yoga shala waiting for you with wide open arms. Those looking for a cleansing experience will be pleased to hear The Pomegranate serves vegetarian food with occasional portions of chicken and fish. Everything is fresh and local so wonderfully guilt-free. But that’s not to say, you’ll be spared of any comfort. The nurturing spot comes complete with a gorgeous pool, views and an atmosphere fit for renewal.

Yobaba Lounge, France

Yobaba Lounge offers five-day Joie de Vivre retreats that turn your spirit around. Located in the south of France, this boho chateau offers all the benefits of yoga, holistic treatments, meditation and gourmet vegan nutrition in one jam-packed ode to well-being. Each retreat is small and intimate and run by the talented Gertrud Keazor.

Serenity Retreat, Greece

The breezy island surrounds are enough to allay your anxieties but things don’t stop there at the Serenity Retreat on Lefkada Island. Run by Kim Bennett, a Zen Buddhist meditation teacher who offers development courses and therapies, these relaxed retreats are ideal for those looking for a Grecian retreat that feels as much like a holiday as an exercise in well-being.

Schloss Elmau, Oberbayern, Germany

This Bavarian getaway refers to itself as a luxury spa retreat and cultural getaway. And with four spas, mountains to wander through, libraries, one concert hall, the largest hotel bookshop in the world, and over 170 musical and literary events that take place there over the year, Schloss Elmau truly is a balm for both body and mind. This luxury sanctuary offers everything from golfing, yoga, winter skiing and tai chi, to art workshops and six restaurants (one that’s been awarded a Michelin star).

AR Diamante Beach, Spain

Boasting breathtaking views of the huge blue sea before it, beautiful bedrooms and sumptuous regional cuisine, AR Diamante Beach  fulfils while it rejevantes. The first-class spa offers a wide range of advanced treatments, from the Cleopatra Bath made to enrich and nourish your whole body, to massage techniques from every corner of the globe. Between pampering sessions, Calpe itself is good for the soul. With mountains to climb, award-winning seas to swim in and a charming old town to wander through, it’s one of those European retreats that you keep yearning after.

For further details about the pampering possibilities of a luxury spa getaway at one of our resorts in Costa Blanca, contact AR Hotels. When seeking top-quality European retreats, somewhere to restore your soul in the sunshine, Calpe is a natural choice. No matter which of our resorts in Costa Blanca suits you best, our friendly team pride themselves on making you feel more than at home, but rather like royalty in your own private sanctuary.