From sunshine and Mediterranean waters to orange orchards, ancient towns and snow-capped mountains – there’s little wonder why Spain is such a phenomenal destination for the most spectacular (and memorable) travel incentives.

The difficult part lies not in understanding the multiple advantages of hosting travel incentives in Spain itself but deciding exactly where to do so. In Spain, each region (and even town) is so different and unique – from their cultural influences to their local dishes – that to call the process overwhelming would be an understatement. To help you with this awesome, yet daunting, process of choosing the right destinations for your travel incentives we have narrowed it down to some of our favourite regions:


When you think of Spain what do you think of? Passionate flamenco music enjoyed while sampling some of the country’s best tapas while others are making their way to the (somewhat controversial) bullfights? Then, believe it or not, the place you would be picturing is the gorgeous region of Andalucía. It’s quite literally the birthplace of some of the most stereotypically Spanish things.

The capital city of the region, Seville is a mystical and eclectic place, said to have been founded by Hercules 3000 years ago and then later ruled by the Romans, Tartessians and the Moors. Plan your travel incentives here and your participants will be spoilt for choice for what to do – from enjoying the region’s tapas to visiting any of the three UNESCO world heritage sites and enjoying all things flamenco, you can rest assured they will have an amazing time. What’s more, having been deemed the ‘cycling capital’ of Southern Europe, your participants can enjoy the wonders of the city by bike.


The name of both the region and Spain’s capital city, Madrid is another incredible destination for travel incentives. Set in the heart of Spain, Madrid is a cultural melting pot and has everything from unbelievable festivals to an incredible nightlife and superb restaurants. From museums and ancient architecture to some of the best festivals in Spain, Madrid is bound to enthral your incentive participants. And as a bonus, there are numerous options for mind-blowing day trips easily accessible by train from Madrid (Toledo and Segovia being top picks). Just keep in mind, that in all major cities you should exercise a certain level of caution and vigilance.


This incredible autonomous community has much in the way of offerings for travel incentives. From the dramatic scenery and cerulean waters along the Costa Brava for beachside incentives, to trekking incentives in and around the Pyrenees and city slicker incentives in the magical city of Barcelona – you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to what you can do here. Barcelona, seen as the economic hub of Spain, is the second biggest city in Spain and the capital city of the community. The city is one of the contrasts which is both steeped in history and characterised by modernity as seen in Gaudi's unbelievable architecture. It’s a city that is constantly evolving and has so much to offer incentive participants: excellent food (in either the food markets or restaurants), art, architecture, shops and much more.


Set in the south-east of the Iberian peninsula, is the perfect location for travel incentives; the Costa Blanca. White sands fringe dazzling blue waters of the Mediterranean – all a stone’s throw from some of the most amazing hotels in Costa Blanca, this is quite literally the destination that MICE planners dream of.

Here participants can get involved in anything from discovering the ancient sites to enjoying the watersports, or from some relaxation on the beach to visiting the museums and taking every opportunity to indulge in the local fresh cuisine. There is something for everyone here. If you are wondering which town to focus on, Calpe is certainly one of the best and will have your incentive participants begging to stay for longer.

When choosing the ideal destination for your travel incentive, keep in mind that it can make or break the success of the programme – that’s how important it is. So think carefully about which one of the above would suit your travel incentives the best. For more information on travel incentives, download our ebook The Ultimate Guide to Incentive Travel in Spain.