There are many gorgeous, incredible places to explore in Europe. In fact, there are so many it’s often hard to choose where to go when a vacation rolls around or the travel bug bites.

What may narrow it down for the real cycling enthusiasts, is that there are unfortunately just places in the world that you can’t discover from the comfort of your bicycle. One such destination where you most certainly can is Spain. This gorgeous country serves as the ultimate cycling destination for any cyclist at any fitness level. Not convinced? Check out our succinct list of all the reasons why cycling in Spain is something you just have to tick off your cycling bucket list:

The variety of routes

Cols, climbs, mountain biking, road cycling, through forests, up mountains or alongside the ocean – when cycling in Spain, you are bound to find routes that are absolutely perfect for you (and your fitness level). Not only that, you can decide if you want to do a self-ride, embark on an incredible group tour or a private tour, and because cycling in Spain is so popular, you can choose to bring your own bike, or rent one at one of the awesome rental shops there! Whatever your cycling cup of tea, Spain can cater for it. If you would like some suggestions of routes, check out this site.

The diversity of scenery

One thing that you will realise when cycling in Spain is the country’s unimaginable diversity — the exceptional landscape seems to transform as you travel from city to city. Each location offers something incredibly special, be it in the cuisine, the architecture, the weather or the topography.

For example, while Barcelona and Madrid are both major cities, they are exceptionally different. Here are our top picks of places to see from the saddle: Toledo, Seville, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and the Costa Blanca.

The sensational climate

It would be a little anti-climactic to journey abroad for an epic cycling trip to find yourself in a hurricane or snowstorm or any other weather that is less than desirable. And while of course we can’t guarantee incredible weather when you are in Spain, the chances are still pretty good that you will get your fair share of great days. With a Mediterranean climate, the country typically enjoys mild weather — it differs slightly from the north to the south so it does depend on where you go, but there are spots on the Costa Blanca that enjoy over 300 days of sunshine most years.

The unbelievable food

Boy, oh boy, the food. Spain is famous for many things, but their delectable (and mostly healthy) Mediterranean cuisine is out of this world. Shaped over centuries and influenced by Middle-Eastern cuisine, the culinary offerings in Spain are as diverse as they are unique. The dishes differ slightly from region to region, so the best way to get the most of the region is to ask locals where they recommend you eat and what you should sample there. In general, the star ingredients tend to be fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, fresh fish, garlic, and saffron. Keep your energy up with starchy paellas, infused with saffron and tossed with fresh seafood and veg, get a sugar kick with Frixuelos de Asturias (simple yet delicious crepes) or snack on glorious tapas such as croquetas (incredible Spanish croquettes filled with cheese, shrimp or ham) after a day out cycling in Spain. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the choice of food, here are ten recommended dishes you simply have to sample.

The cyclist-friendly environment

Cycling in Spain is hugely supported and encouraged. So much so in fact, that Seville has been deemed the “Cycling capital of southern Europe” according to this article and Barcelona has ample facilities to explore the city by pedal power (you can check out some great cycling routes here). Calpe, along the Costa Blanca, is an extremely popular training ground for cyclists come winter (in fact, it’s great all year), and not only that but with bike shops, rental stores, diverse routes, breath-taking scenery, not to mention the Calpe hotels that actually cater to cyclists, make choosing Calpe as your main destination when cycling in Spain highly recommended.

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