It’s that feeling of imminent doom for cyclists: the bone-chilling cold starts to set in, it seems to rain nonstop, the sun sets around 16H30. The desire to make use of your post day job hours to get in some cycling training, is at an all time low. It’s winter.

For most of Europe, this means snow-covered trails, rain, big jackets, lots of warm beverages and zero motivation to leave the comfort of the indoors, let alone to get back on the saddle. While the rest of  Europe is snowed in and the dust starts to settle on cyclists’ bikes as they dream of smooth downhills in pleasant weather, you decide to head to warmer training grounds. Just a short distance away is the perfect haven for cyclists wanting to keep up their summer fitness, without risking hypothermia: Calpe. Cycling Calpe is your perfect no-snow winter cycling options and here’s why:

The cycle-friendly climate

Calpe’s Mediterranean climate ensures that while the summer is hot and sunny, the winter is pleasant and the surrounding mountains not only make for phenomenal trails, but act as a barrier against cold northern winds. Said to have 325 days of sun a year and an average temperature of 20 degrees celsius, Calpe’s winters are perfect for those trying to escape the biting cold, frozen roads and snow. The choice to embark on a journey cycling Calpe for the winter, is definitely a wise one.

The routes repertoire

Whether you prefer mountain biking or road biking, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to routes in and around Calpe. ‘Secret’ trails abound for those willing to seek them, up hills, through riverbeds and navigating through forests, and a wonderful mix of climate and terrain allows for steep climbs and thrilling descents. Add to that the awe-inspiring surrounds with the glittering Mediterranean sea in the background, and you would be hard pressed to find better winter training grounds. When cycling Calpe, be sure to choose routes that are on par with your level of fitness and expertise as many of the routes are challenging. Luckily for those cycling Calpe, there is also a wide variety of cycle shops to visit when looking for new gear or if the need for any repairs come up, ensuring that your cycling trip to Calpe, is as smooth as possible. This site provides some information on routes to take when cycling Calpe.

The post-cycle activities

After a successful day’s training, or on days where you are taking a break from the saddle, Calpe provides ample opportunity to build fitness in other ways as well as for some much needed relaxation. Besides, who said that when cycling Calpe, you can’t have a bit of a holiday too? Here are some of the offerings when cycling Calpe:

Fine restaurants, bars entertainment and shops are all in abundance in Spain, giving you numerous options when it comes to where to indulge in Spain’s fine cuisine, local beer and wines, the local entertainment and some retail therapy.

Calpe has a range of wonderful hiking trails to enjoy. Take on the challenging route up the iconic Peñón de Ifach for rewarding panoramic views, or explore the nature reserve. For alternative routes and options visit this site, where you are able to choose the length and the level of difficulty.

Naturally, watersports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and waterskiing are more for the summer months,but  those that are willing to brave the water for surfing will find the wind during the winter months can create some sizeable waves. Those who battle to put ‘watersports’ and ‘winter’ in the same sentence can stick to sunset cruises and boat trips when offered — a great way to unwind after a day cycling.

If you happen to be in Spain during one of the festivals, it would be a sin to miss it. Enjoy the vibrant and eclectic Spanish country, culture and all of its festivities.

The ease of access

The gorgeous Costa Blanca is a mere two and a half hour flight from the UK with the Alicante airport and the Valencia airport less than an hour and a half away from Calpe itself. Transport options in and around these areas include, bus, train and taxi and are all efficient and make taking the public transport a breeze.

The food

Spanish cuisine is not only absolutely delicious but it is considered one of the healthiest in the world, given its focus on dishes that have fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, rice, chicken and fish. Additionally, more often than not, the cooking methods tend to be grilling, stewing and sauteing rather than frying. If you enjoy seafood, the fresh seafood in Calpe is out-of-this-world and dishes such as paella Valenciana, Denia’s famous red prawns and Llauna de Calpe (fish stew) are dishes not to be missed and while in Spain, treat yourself at least once to the delicious churros y chocolate — while certainly not healthy these are like elongated doughnuts dipped in chocolate, how could you not have one? Having at least one glass of the regional wine, Jalon, is essential while cycling Calpe.  

Does a mild winter spent training next to the azure Mediterranean sea, while enjoying the pleasant sun sound appealing to you? Then contact us for more information and a choice of some of the top hotels in Calpe that will cater for your every need while cycling Calpe. We pride ourselves on going out of our way to ensure that your cycling trip is perfect from beginning to end.