The run up to that cycling holiday is unlike the run up to any other type of holiday – especially when cycling Calpe is on the cards! While a trip to the Med for many is associated with sun, sangria, and sloth (hey, we’re not judging!), for others it’s all about sweat and cycling Calpe.

As a result, the contents of a cyclist’s suitcase are going to look rather different to that of a beach bum. For one, there will probably be fewer books in the cyclists baggage, and you’ll probably be packing far more lycra. To help you get ready for your holiday of climbs, endorphins and the great outdoors, we’ve compiled a list of must-pack items:

Before you start packing the fun stuff, make sure you’ve got the essentials

Before we get going on the fun and trendy must-have cycling items, let’s first make sure that you’ve got the bare essentials. This includes: a helmet, on and off bike footwear, gloves, shorts, longs (you never know when a freak chilly spell might hit while cycling Calpe), cycling vests, and plenty of socks (ideally of the quick drying variety).

Then, of course, there’s your bike (if you won’t be renting), bike lock, health and travel insurance card (it’s wise to keep this on you during rides), first aid kit, pocket knife, insect repellent, wet wipes or tissues, and a bandana. Another tip is to download maps of your routes into your phone so that you can access them offline without having to fork out for roaming charges.

Now that we’ve got the basics sorted, here’s a list of some fun stuff that’ll definitely come in handy during your time cycling Calpe:

Compression tights:

Even though the weather will probably be glorious during your cycling trip to Calpe, you might want to pack some compression tights or shorts anyway. These nifty garments keep muscles warm, preventing fatigue, while also helping to dispel sweat. The online shop has a range of compression gear, including socks.

Self-sealing water bottle:

So you think your trusty bottle, that’s seen a good few years underneath the saddle, still has the edge? Not when you see the Purist Hydroflo translucent bottle. This state of the art water bottle is designed to keep your water clean and tasting super pure, is made out of an engineered resin to ensure easy squeezing and comes with a self-sealing opening. You won’t have to worry about leakages or dehydration again.

Bib shorts

If you aren’t already the owner of a pair of bib shorts, it’s time to invest in some. OK, so they do look a bit funny and probably wouldn’t be the shorts you chose to wear to a local bar: but as a cyclist, you’ll know that function takes precedence over form any day. Bib shorts are perfect if you’ll be spending lengthy periods of time in the saddle, and for both long distance and sprints. Another plus is that you don’t need to wear pants underneath them! (One less thing to pack). For some detailed insight into bib shorts and which ones to buy, check out this great article on

Lotions and potions: Arnica oil and Bag Balm

No cyclist enjoys stiff muscles and that shivery sensation that follows a strenuous ride. Even though we promise that you probably won’t encounter any crisp weather cycling Calpe, it’s always good to carry a warming oil – like Arnica oil – with you in case your muscles need a bit of attention. Not only does arnica oil help relax muscles, it also encourages muscle recovery post-exercise and can even help quicken the release of toxins from muscles during cycling. Don’t forget to pack some Bag Balm, too, for chafing.

Packable jacket

You know those nifty jackets that scrunch up into a ball? That’s a packable jacket. Even though the chance of rain in Calpe is low, it’s always good to have a waterproof jacket handy in case. A packable jacket is an excellent option as it’s small and might even fit into that saddle. And if it doesn’t rain, you can always use it to sit on during rest stops! Check out this Bike Radar blog for some good options for men’s jackets and the Millets website for women’s jackets.

Saddle bag

Small, but perfectly formed, this Birzman Roadster saddle bag is an absolute must for any cyclist spending long days cycling Calpe. Fill it with a flat repair kit, your favourite energy bar, an SPF lip balm, a few euros, and anything else small you can’t live without.

Now that you’re packed, you need a place to stay: cycling Calpe is made much more special by choosing hotels in Calpe that really understand the active travellers wants and requirements. At AR Hotels, we’ve got years of experience helping cyclists like you plan that perfect trip. Get in touch with us today to find out more and book that adventure.