Cycling around Europe shouldn’t be an experience reserved for the pros. More and more families are seeking out regions on the continent that cater perfectly for the slower pace that young kids might require, or the more vibrant areas that’ll nab teens’ interests too.

As those who have experienced the wonder of cycling around Europe know, there’s something extraordinary about the adventure of taking life by the horns, or in this case, the handles. A family cycling tour provides an unbeatable way to be immersed in the multiple layers of a country. It offers the opportunity to view the land’s most staggering views, to happen upon a topnotch local cafe hidden in the mountains, and to create rewarding, hilarious and unforgettable memories as a family.

Whether it’s your own family or a client who is seeking advice on where to take their kids on a holiday cycling around Europe, it’s worth knowing what needs to be considered before embarking on such a trip.

Things to think about before embarking on a family cycling trip

- By narrowing your options down to Europe, you’re on the right track. With the wealth of dedicated cycling lanes and bike paths available throughout the continent, you can be sure that your family’s safety is prioritized.

- Are you going to do it guided or independently? Both possibilities offer their own pros and cons. Self-guided tours come with the freedom to travel at your own pace and to stop for gelato or bathroom breaks whenever you want. This can come in handy for those travelling with younger kids. Another option is to book a private guided tour. These offer all the benefits of an independent tour, along with the advantages of having an experienced guide to show you the way. A fully guided tour, however, might be just what you’re after. They offer clear direction and insider experience, and some even include a support van to provide assistance to riders who may need a break along the way.

- After a strenuous day on the saddle, your kids are likely to be exhausted by nightfall, so perhaps steer clear of organising too many evening arrangements. On the plus side, your kids are likely to be exhausted by nightfall, which means lovely quiet evenings all to yourselves.

- Some of the top options for families cycling around Europe include gently riding along Austria’s Danube, “cyclecamping” in France, or exploring the wonders of Spain. But wherever you choose to go, it’s necessary to weigh up the terrain of your chosen destination by asking the following questions and deciding what’s best for your family:

- What distances will you be traveling every day?

- What’s the average grading of the road: flat, steep or a good mix of the two?

- Are there quiet roads or dedicated bike paths suitable for family cycling?

- What local facilities are available in the way of rental bikes and equipment such as bike seats for kids?

- What’s available to do on rest days? Are there beaches, kids’ activities, spas and good restaurants that’ll keep the whole family happy?

A great family option for those interested in cycling around Europe is to choose a home-base hotel. This allows you to explore the area while providing the stability and relaxation of a comfortable place to stay. By choosing a hotel in a well-known cycling area like Calpe, such as one of the luxurious Costa Blanca resorts, there’s no need to pack and set up every day. This hotel-based option caters for individuality in families. It allows some family members to opt for the challenging cycles through the mountains, while some choose to spend a little more time relaxing on the beach.

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