One of the greatest things about cycling is that it serves as the perfect way to explore new destinations.

Cycling has really taken off all over the world and you could almost literally pick any country and they are bound to offer something in the way of great cycle routes. But because there are SO many places to go, how do you narrow it down? We have compiled a list of four of the best cycle routes to tick off the ultimate bucket list. Do yourself a favour and embrace pedal power in these incredible locations:

Uyuni salt flat, Bolivia

For those that are looking for unconventional cycle routes, then cycling a route on the biggest salt flats in the world is a must. This incredible place will have you mesmerized by its gorgeous white expanses of salt, baked solid by the sun. Because of the nature of the flats, this will have to be done with fat tyres, and is best done during the day as the temperatures at night can reach as low as -20 degrees celsius with winds that can be extremely strong. The sun has a way of bouncing off the brilliant white of the salt flats so make sure you are well protected. The great thing here, is that there is no one set route, you are at liberty to make your own, and it can be as long or as short as you would like.

Munda Biddi Trail, Australia

One of the most picturesque cycle routes in the world is the Munda Biddi Trail, or ‘path through the forest’, in Australia. This gorgeous off-road route, the entire trail of which spans 1000 km from Mundaring to Albany, takes you through Australian forests where if you are lucky, will even get a glimpse of the local wildlife.

 The wonderful thing about this route is that it has something for everyone, regardless of their level of cycling expertise. Traverse this natural corridor under eucalyptus leaves as you enjoy the incredible scenery. And of course, you don’t need to do the full stretch, but you can easily hop on at any point, and ride for as long as you want. 

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

One of the most exciting cycle routes around is that along the National highway in Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City — bound to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This route spanning 1,200 km (approximately three weeks worth of ride) is an absolutely phenomenal way to get a real feel of this diverse country, and scenery will transform from to gorgeous stretches of coastline to small villages and frenetic cities.

The cost of living in Vietnam is quite low, so finding a wonderful place to stay after a good cycle is easy and affordable. Be discerning about where you eat, because a case of the ‘Vietnam belly’ will make for an uncomfortable trip. Do drive cautiously, motorbikes, buses and trucks are common on this route, and the Vietnamese definitely have their own set of very unique road rules, so stay vigilant but not fearful, and you are bound to have an incredible time.

Coll de Rates, Costa Blanca, Spain

The gorgeous stretch of coast called the Costa Blanca in Spain is an absolute paradise for cyclists. With a mild Mediterranean climate, the area enjoys over 300 days of glorious sunshine, which makes it great for cyclists year-round and the perfect winter cycling training grounds. This easily accessible and gorgeous area offers incredible cycle routes for any cyclist: whether you prefer challenging routes, easy routes, on-road or off-road routes — there is literally something for everyone.

One of the most most famous cycle routes (and climbs) in the area, however, is definitely the Coll de Rates. Each stretch or route of the Coll de Rates presents different challenges, allowing you to choose which you would like to take on while taking in the absolutely incredible scenery. At the beginning of most years some of the best teams in the world are seen training on Coll de Rates, so come around January/ February for a chance at spotting them. Another great thing about cycling in Spain is you get to make the most of its food.

The healthy Mediterranean cuisine provides abundant choice for nutritious meals pre- and post-cycle and there is nothing quite like a local ice cold beer after a phenomenal day cycling, taking in the views from the saddle.

If you are looking for the perfect cycle routes in an idyllic location, then look no further than the Costa Blanca. Contact us at AR Hotels for more information or to book a stay at one of our esteemed resorts in Costa Blanca. Our highly-skilled and friendly staff will be more than happy to help you with any of your cycling needs in our phenomenal country.