Travelling with your family is a great experience. Or it can be. It can also be a bit of a nightmare if it isn’t planned properly with the family in mind. But don’t let that put you off! The thing is, you can make any trip exceptional with special memorable moments that will be with you for a lifetime if you try to do things a little differently. Don’t believe me? Well, here are five top tips on how to create memorable moments with your family while abroad:

Ditch the things you normally do at home

While watching television may be your family’s favourite pastime at home, when you are abroad you really want to make the most of the awesome new city you are in. Not sure what to do instead of watching the telly? Go to night markets, explore the city, go on hikes, go to the beach, go to restaurants, even go to the local cinema if you really feel the need, but whatever you do, leave the tv, the work laptop, the tablets and the smartphones at the hotel. If you are looking for memorable moments with your family, they probably won’t take place in front of a screen.

Pack activities for bad weather

When travelling, the chances of having a perfect weather 100% of the time is pretty slim. There will probably be days when the weather is less than ideal and you would prefer to just stay at the hotel, so prepare for it! Bring one or two boardgames (the travel variety are great) or packs of cards for these memorable moments which will probably be referred to for years to come – “Remember that one time we went to Toledo and it was snowing so much we couldn't leave the hotel room?”.

Explore places on foot

In my opinion, there is nothing better to see a city than on foot – especially cities that are old and steeped in history where you find something new and fascinating at every corner, or ones that are just so naturally beautiful. I always find it so amazing how much we actually miss when we are driving. And really, memorable moments can be made up of the tiniest details that just stick with you – that white and black cat who followed your daughter through an old small town, the rare bird sitting on a windowsill of a clock shop, the old lady who started singing to you as you walked past her in an alleyway or the snippets of foreign conversation you hear as you walk past streetside cafes – these are the things that make travelling so special.

Eat local food

When I travel with my family, there is one thing we make sure to do, and that is eat the local cuisine at the popular local restaurants. For us, there’s no point going all the way to an incredible country like Spain, for example, and eating Mcdonald's, having a curry, or choosing things from the menu that you normally eat at home. Branch out and try new things, you may just find a new family favourite dish and some of your memorable moments will definitely come from eating new, unusual and delicious food. And for the less-than-delicious experiences? All the more to talk about years down the line! Squid-ink paella anyone?

Choose a destination that lends itself to incredible quality time

There’s just something to be said for destinations that are jam-packed with incredible experiences and things to do. If your family loves the beach and all beach-related activities, then head to a place with a gorgeous beach, or if they like the outdoors choose a place that offers exceptional outdoor experiences. Find a place that organically lends itself to all the activities your family loves and it will make it easy to create enjoyable and wonderful memorable moments that you will have etched into your minds forever. And if you can find a family-friendly hotel with incredible facilities and entertainment programmes for the whole family, even better!

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