Any MICE consultant worth their salt knows that the chosen location when it comes to corporate and incentive travel can massively influence the success of their event. By location, we mean anything from the city the event is based in, to the actual hotel or conference centre that you choose.

The reality is that the MICE industry is possibly more competitive now than it’s ever been, and you need to ensure that your events are a class above the rest. With an incredible location being such an important element of corporate and incentive travel, it’s a good thing to get right. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to locations:

Out of the box event spaces are on-trend

The great thing about conferences these days is that you by no means have to stick to hosting them in actual ‘conference rooms’. The options when booking corporate and incentive travel venues these days are virtually limitless. And the great news for you is that you get to let your creativity loose.

Leave the conference rooms behind when hosting your events and rather opt for an exciting and creative space like an art gallery, a castle or an ancient Greek amphitheatre. See what is possible in the city that you are in and take advantage of the wonderful (and memorable) spaces available to you. And don’t forget the potential that outdoor places or those in nature can offer you, a forest networking event perhaps?

Flexibility is a key

While this might sound unusual, one of the things to look for in a venue is the flexibility to be able to tailor each event you want to host at the same place. When it comes to corporate and incentive travel events, delegates are typically looking for once-in-a-lifetime events.

You should look for locations that provide the option to have a fine dining meal the one night and a wonderful outdoor cocktail networking event overlooking the sea the next (as an example). This will make your life much easier, and your delegates will be content with each of the tailored and exceptional events.

Comfortable accommodation is a must

Accommodation during corporate and incentive travel trips is a key element to the experience. Imagine what your delegates would think if their accommodation was dingy, dirty and all-around unpleasant? It won’t feel like much of a reward or a treat at all, and you might find yourself in a lot of trouble. You want to find incredible, comfortable and even creative accommodation that will do nothing short of ‘WOW’ your delegates. With the options available to MICE consultants these days, you are spoilt for choice.

Destinations that offer more than great accommodation and nice venues are golden

The thing when it comes to corporate and incentive travel today is that people are no longer content with anything ordinary or average. The best thing to do is to choose an exceptional destination which is ample in the way of post-conference activities and relaxation. Also, don’t underestimate the opportunities different cultures present regarding unique and immersive experiences for delegates.

It also makes it a lot more exciting for delegates to make the mission if the destination is unusual and exciting and if it’s an incentive, you want to offer people something they will want to work hard for.

Be mindful of the kind of destination that your delegates might be interested in; a place that has year-round sunshine and a holiday feel could be a perfect choice, giving delegates a massive choice for post-conference activities (even if it means tanning on the beach). When choosing destinations consider other important factors such as healthcare, infrastructure and general services.

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