Is technology killing the need for physical meetings?

Some suggest that the efficiency and low cost of e-meetings will inevitably lead to fewer face to face gatherings. But when we take a closer look at why we host them we see the myriad reasons why MICE events are here to stay.

The logic behind meetings

There are the obvious reasons behind MICE events; every organisation needs to create a platform to present ideas, discuss issues and make decisions. However there is often a sense of ennui around perpetual meetings. Some employees see them as a distraction from their work, or mere podiums for puffed-up complaints. But in an article heralding the importance of meetings — even ones without set agendas — employment and litigation lawyer, Mark A. Carter, explains how these meetings have been shown to “increase morale and productivity and preempt employment litigation. All of those results are contributing mightily to the health of the organization, and it’s meeting planners who should be playing a crucial role.” Carter urges meeting planners to create environments that:

- Encourage “employee input”.

- Create room for the topics to move in the direction the employees need them to. It’s not always necessary to pre-determine the agenda, instead “employees are encouraged to identify suggestions to improve the workplace and simultaneously criticise practices that are unproductive.”

It’s not only employees who will benefit from these more open-minded meetings. Employers not only garner valuable information about how to improve their company and employee relations but also these meetings give them the opportunity to keep on top of any issues simmering beneath the surface. According to Carter, “when employees trust that management is listening and responding to their criticisms, they are less likely to insert a third party into the relationship to get the problem addressed, be that a regulator, a union or a plaintiff's lawyer.”

Bearing these points in mind, how do you ensure you’re coordinating MICE events with the sort of sensitivity and understanding that shows participants that you’re dealing with people rather than numbers.

Taking care of your delegates by implementing the latest MICE industry trends

You want to provide memorable experiences for employees and conference delegates. You want participants to feel valued and you want your meetings to lead to increased motivation, inspiration and company loyalty. So to make sure you’re creating the most effective meeting environment we take a look at the latest MICE industry trends as outlined by The MICE blog. 

- This year’s trends emphasise the importance and significant strength of face to face events.  “While there are many discussions going on on social media about B2C and B2B events – some argue that what really counts is the human contact and event planners should be concentrating on the way they interact with their attendees and other stakeholders rather than classifying them as B2B and B2C.”

- Secret events may not be brand spanking new but they’re still generating immense excitement. The industry has seen an increase in events ranging from secret cinemas to secret meals.

- The demand for unique venues is bigger than ever. In London unusual spaces such as the Imperial War Museum and the Olympic park were transformed into venues and the possibilities of where to host inspiring meetings are endless.

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