When you’ve got a million things to manage, sometimes it feels like your mind turns into a sieve at the most inopportune moments, and to the detriment of your event, vital details slip through.

To avoid forgetting the essential, many of us outsource extra headspace by using quality checklists. As you approach each new conference and seek out the right venue, here’s a handy checklist worth whipping out when you need to make sure that your potential venue provides the conference facilities of a world-class function.

Registration foyer: The size and capacity should be determined by the expected number of delegates.

Adequate bathrooms: There is no single designation of how many toilets are necessary per number of guests. The number varies depending on the type of event, the amount of alcohol that is likely to be consumed, and the ratio of men to women. For advice from a top event specialist, here are some tips.

Good catering facilities: Delegates’ enjoyment of an event is affected not only by the quality of the food but also the efficiency of catering service. Does your venue have the capacity to feed your delegates quickly, while paying attention to sanitation standards, and delivering on taste and quality, in great quantities?

Fully-equipped bar: Does your venue have adequate bar facilities and experienced service staff to handle your function’s needs?

Professional, friendly staff: As important as good conference facilities, an event can be transformed (for better or worse) by the level of service staff looking after delegates’ comfort.

Interesting venue spaces: In view of the latest MICE industry trends, offering unique locations for after-session events is becoming increasingly important. Whether it’s cocktails on the beach or dinner up on a mountain, delegates want to be wowed both in and out of the conference room.

A suitable location: Is your venue easily accessible from a good international airport? Are there efficient transport services to and from the venue?

Top technological services: We turn to meetings.org for their experitse on AV requirements, and they provide the following checklist. Although not all of these may be applicable to your particular event, they’re worth casting your eye over.

- Overhead projector

- Slide projector

- Film projector

- Projection stands

- Remote control for projectors

- Screens

- Video equipment: VHS, DVD, teleconferencing

- Microphones

- Radio

- Computer

- Mouse

- Auxiliary equipment: laser pointers, flip charts, slide trays

- Lighting

- Loudspeakers

They go on to suggest asking your venue some questions regarding your conference facilities. These are a few that stuck out:

- How many computer hookups?

- Does it have wifi capability?

- Is electrical power sufficient?

- Is there a built-in sound system?

- Is the room sound proofed? Are the others in the building?

- Is the ceiling height adequate for projectors?

- Is remote light control capability available?

- Can windows be covered with shades, blinds or curtains?

- Can additional equipment be provided?

- What support is provided for maintenance problems?

- Who will provide security for the equipment?

- Does the building have an alarm system, CCTV surveillance and a fire alarm?

- Who is responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment?

- Can last-minute equipment demands be met? What are the additional costs?

- Is the meeting room accessible before the meeting for setup?

Alongside providing adequate conference facilities, you ultimately want to make sure your chosen venue offers an atmosphere that aligns with the spirit of the event. You want your delegates to be comfortable and relaxed, but also well taken care of by professional and efficient staff.

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