The meetings, incentives, conference and events (MICE) industry is evolving at a brisk pace. Statics reveal in the UK, that meetings and conference delegates amount to 30% of total visitors, and that US businesses spend around $22.5 billion annually on incentive travel.

 2017 trends suggest that if you’re in the MICE industry, your business will be busy, but to stay at the forefront your events need be tech-savvy. It’s no secret that MICE attendees and delegates prefer personalised travel experiences and events.

They love co-creating content, engaging with their peers and desire more interactivity. What’s more, they’re part of an ever-connected online world where access to information and communication is a 24/7 pursuit. Technology intersects every part of their lives and when it comes to corporate and incentive travel, tech savvy-events should be on the top of your to-do list. Here’s why and how you can incorporate technology at your events:


Integrate technology that encourages interaction, engagement and inclusion


You’ve got to think beyond the “tried-and-tested” powerpoint presentation. Analyze how you utilise technology at your events. Is your approach to technology functional or integrated?  Have you given any thought to new workshop formats?  In what ways can technology create talks that are interactive? How can you design your conference or event to encourage more networking? Social media and specialised apps can provide copious options to drive interaction, engagement and inclusion.

Design doesn’t just include device interfaces. From before your conference begins to weeks after it’s finished presents loads of opportunities for attendees to interact and engage. Think about how you’re designing the overall experience. In what ways can technology make your conference unforgettable?


Include virtual and hybrid meetings


Attendees are constantly looking for something extra special when it comes to corporate and incentive travel trips. You’ll know that on occasion guest speakers are a major drawing card. The wonderful thing about tech is with virtual interactions, distance isn’t an issue and they can give their keynote address online.

While online interactions can’t replicate face-to-face encounters, they do help lower the expense of high profile events and can extend your conference’s reach to a larger audience. An added bonus is that you can broadcast to multiple digital channels, and you’ll save on the flight costs of your special guests and speakers.


Think beyond the actual event


New meeting technologies and custom-built apps allow corporate and incentive travel delegates and attendees to connect, before, during and after events. This means that interaction isn’t just limited to the time-frame in which events take place. Custom-built apps are incredible to get delegates to co-create content. It’s also an intelligent way for planners to crowdsource themes and topics and gain insights into their broad-based membership.

Digital platforms add additional value because they make it easy for speakers and delegates to continue longer conversations that event time constraints don’t allow. You’ll also have the opportunity to gather detailed feedback and data, as well as an extended lifespan of event networking.


Make your MICE venues gadget-friendly


When it comes to planning corporate and incentive travel events, this should be a prerequisite. By now you should know you’ll need more than a simple wi-fi connection to host a successful event. Your conference and meeting venue needs to have the ability to power and connect a variety of devices. We’re talking high-speed, ultra-connectivity across platforms and easy-to-access wireless charging points. Slow wi-fi and no power points is a no-go.


Use event management software


Cut down your carbon footprint and streamline your guests’ experience from the first contact to follow-up. Event management software is designed to facilitate everything from RSVPs to accommodation and workshop bookings. Say goodbye to laborious admin and hello to streamlined planning.

Ensuring your events are tech-savvy is one of many corporate and incentive travel trends you can implement to stay ahead in the MICE industry come 2017.  To learn more about current trends and how to cope with the industry’s changing landscape, we recommend downloading our ebook, MICE Trends to Watch in 2017. And, if you’ve got tech covered but need a creative and comfortable location, then take a look at our hotels in Calpe. Who knows, you might just find the perfect venue for your MICE event.