We all know that we love our children no matter what. It does often happen to be easier at certain ages, and the teens are those notorious years that most parents dread. It’s a time of fluctuating hormones, potential rebellion and a need for teens to have more independence.

This doesn’t mean your teen is going to be unbearable; it just means it will be a time of adjustment for everyone. And it means that you might want to consider them when you are looking at creating the best family holidays. One of the best ways to make sure you get their buy-in is to choose the perfect destination.

When it comes to creating the best family holidays, the truth is that your teens (and their level of happiness) will probably significantly contribute to the holiday’s success or… the lack thereof. To play it safe and to up the chances of your next family getaway being one of the best family holidays ever, then definitely head to Italy.

There’s nothing to dislike in Italy: from unbelievable food, fine wines, gorgeous coastal towns, amazing scenery and mouthwatering gelato – your teen will be hardpressed to find something to complain about. Now the problem when it comes to Italy is that people tend to want to see it all and tick off all the must-dos. Which is utterly exhausting and you’ll spend more time in queues for all the sites and not experiencing Italy, which is why we think it’s a better idea to hone in on one area to spend some quality time and we suggest The Bay of Naples.

Easy to get to (by either train or plane) the Bay of Naples is set in the south-west and is easy to get to. We recommend heading there in the shoulder seasons, either April to June or mid-September to October when the temperatures are more moderate, and the tourists are less. If you do go between July and early September, expect big crowds and intense temperatures.

Here are some of our top picks in and around the Bay of Naples for the best family holidays ever:


Mount Vesuvius

There are arguably few places on earth that are as spectacular as Mount Vesuvius – even teens would battle to counter that statement. An easy bus drive from Naples, this dormant volcano is still regarded as dangerous, and it’s explosions are dramatic. The last time the volcano erupted was in 1944, which took out a couple of villages, but the infamous explosion of 79 AD was the most deadly, burying Pompeii and Herculaneum in ash and killing thousands of people in the process. Take a walk up Vesuvius all the way to the crater, and take in all the history at the National Archaeological Museum of Pompeii for a day trip to remember.



This incredible place is literally what postcards are made of. A shopping hotspot this is sure to make any material-driven teen happy. From wine to jewellery and from shoes to blown glass gifts, there’s no doubt this is shopping paradise. If your idea of the best family holidays are spent lapping up some sunshine, then the Marina Grande Beach and Marina Piccola are top picks. Looking for more information? Head over to Capri.net.



Any trip involving Sicily is bound to be a good one and the chances are your teens will agree. This idyllic island is the largest in the Mediterranean. The islands eclectic history serves as a major drawcard – with many Greek and Byzantine ruins being the centre of attention. An active volcano (Mount Etna), cerulean waters, incredible food and amazing beaches are other reasons why your teens will love Sicily and why visiting it will ensure that you have one of the very best family holidays possible.


Looking for more insight into this gorgeous destination or wanting more information about other phenomenal places that your teens are destined to love? Then download our handy ebook Five Teen-Friendly Holiday Ideas . Or contact us to find out more about the very best Costa Blanca Resorts that will ensure that you have the best family holidays every time.