We all know how incredibly special family holidays are and how magical the memories that you get to relive over and over in the years to come. However, when you are travelling with young children there are a number of factors you need to consider.

You would probably want travel times to be relatively low (long distance flights with young children are just no fun – for anyone), you will probably want ease of access to all amenities and of course, a safe environment for your little ones. You might be a little overwhelmed with all the choices of destinations to explore, so we will make it a little easier for you! Here are our top best family holiday destinations perfect for young children:

Ugento, Italy

If you are looking to relax and recharge, then one of the best family holiday destinations for you will definitely be Ugento in the gorgeous region of Puglia in Italy. A great thing about Italy, it’s a short trip from the UK, which makes travelling with young children relatively easy. Children love a good beach mission and here you can let them dig in the sand to their hearts’ content. Olive groves, pine forests, and pretty coastal towns are other prominent features in the area and are framed by awe-inspiring translucent waters. When it comes to accommodation, there is an array of establishments that cater to all needs, some of which have perfect packages for families; there are all-inclusive options that are very family-focused. What’s more, you get to introduce your family to the glorious Italian food, surrounds and culture.

Monmouthshire, Wales

Sometimes it’s nice to keep the flight extra short when you are going away with very young children, and if you agree with this sentiment, then Wales is certainly one of the best family holiday destinations for you. This absolutely picture perfect getaway will literally transport you and your family to the pages of the classic tale, The Wind in the Willows. It’s so important in this digital age that we live in to ensure that your children get to play outside as much as possible and a great place to do this is in the countryside, and the caravan made for the Wind in the Willows movie is smack bang in the middle of idyllic hay bales and countryside – Monmouthshire countryside to be exact. If this sounds like the kind of trip for you, where your little ones can soak up the natural beauty of the countryside and sunshine, then this is the place to head. It is probably ideal if you have one little child, as the accommodation is quite small.

Brittany, France

If you and your family are the type of people who just want to get out of town and into nature then consider heading to Brittany in France. This is certainly one of the best family holiday destinations for those that want to to enjoy some quality time exploring the surrounds. Medieval castles, thick, enchanting forests and varied landscapes are some of the things to look forward to in Brittany. And while here, why not let your young ones run free on an incredible farm? Places like this make for wonderful getaways for a family. This wonderful place has furniture that cater for children and family getaways (such as cots and high chairs) as well as ample things to do outside and many places to eat and see nearby.

Algarve, Portugal

Head away from the very built up southern part of Algarve and head all the way to the western end which has been left quite unspoilt. This gorgeous stretch of land is definitely one of the best family holiday destinations for those who would like to avoid the crowds. The small but unbelievably charming town of Salema makes for a fun family holiday and the Blue Flag beach nearby is perfect for little swimmers as the waves are not as strong and the waters crystal-clear. Children can spend hours wandering the beach, building sandcastles, swimming and picking up the delicate shells that wash ashore. Other exciting things to explore in the area are the fishing town itself and the dinosaur footprints that are found in the limestone rocks in the area. A great way to stay here is to rent a house for a little privacy and freedom during your family holiday.

Calpe, Spain

One of the most popular and best family holiday destinations is undoubtedly Calpe in Spain. A mere two hour flight from the UK to Alicante and less than an hours’ drive from the big city sees your arrival at the incredible seaside town of Calpe. There is more than enough choice of activities for your family to get involved in: from ample beaches to choose from and boat excursions, to exploring the natural park of the Ifach Rock and birdwatching at the saltmine.

This place is simply jam-packed with exciting things for you to do. But it doesn’t stop there, the Spanish are also known for an exceptionally healthy diet with the main ingredients of their meals being fresh fruits and vegetables and the very best olive oil. The great thing about Calpe is that many of the resorts in the area really cater for families with family unit-type rooms on offer, as well as children's pools, children's entertainment programmes and much, much more. A holiday in Calpe is sure to have a little something for each of your family members.

The ultimate holiday is made by the ultimate accommodation and we at AR Hotels are always willing to go above and beyond for your family to ensure that you have the best possible holiday. Contact us for more information and to book a stay at one of our exemplary Costa Blanca resorts today.