Let’s face it, these days it’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in work, seeing family and friends, keeping up with that gym regime and well… life in general. It’s (unfortunately) easy to forget to make time for ‘me time’.

As working, strong independent women of the world, we sometimes forget how essential some me time is for ultimate health and wellness. While DIY beauty is a phenomenal way to get in some much-needed pampering, sometimes, the best thing you can do is force yourself to take the time and indulge at a spa. And in 2017 spas are set to up the ante. The most popular treatments in spas these days, are those that can’t be copied at home. Not sure what we mean? Here are some of the most unusual treatments sure to be popular in 2017:

  • Arabic Rasul: Ever heard of a mud ritual? Don’t worry, it’s nowhere near as scary as it sounds. This traditional Arabic cleansing ritual involves immersing yourself in a mineral-rich mud treatment while relaxing in a warm chamber and is meant to promote great health and wellness. The process is simple: you apply a specially-formulated mud mixture onto your face, body and hair. Toxins are drawn from your body as the dry heat dries the mud masks. Once the mud has dried, the chamber fills with steam, allowing the mud to soften once more and moisturise the skin. When the allocated time is up, you rinse off and enjoy your silky soft toxin-free skin!
  • Mexican temazcal: Another ancient cleansing ritual, this time hailing from Mexico, this treatment is perfect for people who struggle with their circulation and are in need of a good detox – of both body and mind. The experience takes place in a clay or stone hut-like structure, which is used as a sweat lodge. The idea is for participants to enter a state of meditation. The entire treatment is meant to promote both physical and mental health and wellness.
  • Sound bath: Most of us are familiar with the concept of music and peaceful sounds having the ability to heal through relaxation. Music has an incredible power to change people’s states of mind and even how they feel. At this point, you’re probably thinking that I’m talking about the normal spa background music? Wrong! Spas have now taken sound therapy to a whole new level. A sound bath is a full-body experience that centres on sound vibrations created by crystal singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks and drums to name but a few. It’s a relaxing, unique experience that contributes to great overall health and wellness.
  • Slimming body wraps: In a world where time is money, treatments that show instant results are in high demand. These incredible slimming body wraps visibly reduce cellulite and take off centimetres off waistlines and thighs. It’s no wonder they’re a hit!
  • Express treatments: The great thing with modern spas is that they’re keeping up with the times! In a fast-paced world, spas have realised the value of quick treatments that provide the same results. Many ‘express treatments’ take under 30 minutes and include massages, manicures and pedicures to name but some of them. Now, you can’t even use time constraints as an excuse not to go to the spa.

  • Skin peels: Another wonderful treatment (that sounds far scarier than it is) that shows ‘instant’ results are chemical skin peels. The concept of these is that once applied and taken off, these peels remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, revealing the fresh, youthful skin underneath. These are effective in alleviating the signs of sun damage, wrinkles, acne and scars. You should set a consultation with your therapist to determine which peel will be best for your skin.
  • Personalised treatments: In this day and age, people crave things that are unique and individualised. This means that into the new year, not only will the ultimate health and wellness be a priority, but treatments that are personalised. You’re now able to choose which treatments your spa package is made up of, which essential oils you would like used during your massage, or which treatments you would like combined into one. Watch this space, because the more we crave personalised treatments, the more options we will have into the future.

If you are looking for more information on all things health and wellness into 2017, then download our phenomenal guide: Beauty & Wellness Trends for 2017. We at AR Hotels strive to constantly be ahead of the curve when it comes to wellness, and our Costa Blanca Hotels have some of the best spas in the area, offering the most modern, and incredible, treatments.