It can be easy to get swept up in daily routines and focussing on getting through the day by running through the list of essential must-dos as a mom – especially if you are a working mom.

While you are certainly looking after your child, you may not be actively taking the time to get to know who your child is and what excites, frightens, thrills and drives them. Understanding who your child is and what ma. Only by understanding your child are you better equipped to connect with them on their level, help them learn important lessons, make them feel loved and encourage them. But it goes a level deeper than this – it’ll help you to set boundaries with them and help to manage expectations in a way they can relate to.

For example, you will be able to gauge whether your child is battling at school because they need some extra support or if it’s actually because they don’t get on with the teacher, as well as other things, such as determining if they are ready to go on a school tour or not.

If you’re looking for some parenting tips on how to better understand your child, here’s a good place to start:

Take the time to observe your child

One of the best parenting tips I can give you is to watch your child and see what you can learn through observation. Watch them while they eat, sleep, play and interact with others. What telling signs and characteristics can you pick up on? Does your child like to play with other children or by themselves? How does your child adapt to change?

What activities do they gravitate towards? How do they interact with children their age? How do they relate to children of other ages? You will be surprised at the number of things you can learn about your child just by watching from the sidelines.

Talk to your child

Top of the parenting tips list is to start conversations with your child so that you can find out more about them and encourage open honest communication at all times. Ask questions about how they feel about certain things, let them know that they can share their feelings with you and let them know that it’s a ‘safe space’.

Try to listen to what your child says without putting forward your own thoughts and opinions. Ask them how certain things made them feel, find out what kind of games they played at school, ask about friends and what they built with their building blocks. Ask any questions that give you deeper insight into their thoughts and feelings and what makes them happy.

Notice both the likes and dislikes

In terms of parenting tips, it’s important to take note of what your child dislikes as much as what they like. These things are quite easy to pick up on if you are open to it. Does your child like sleeping with the light on or off? Do they like playing inside or outside? Do they love arts and crafts or do they prefer running around outside? Even negative reactions can tell you the type of person your child is and this will help you provide them with what they need, want and like.

Make time for quality time

One of the most important parenting tips of all time is to ensure that you set aside time every day to bond with your child. I’m not talking about watching TV with them nearby, I’m talking about proper quality time spent getting to know them better, reading to them, talking to them and playing games with them. Your child needs this time with you as it makes them feel loved, special and heard. It’s not always easy to make time for your child, but it should be the very top of the priority list.

Love (and accept) your child for who they are

What you need to remember when it comes to your child, is that people come in many different shapes and sizes. Maybe they will be your complete opposite or a carbon copy of you – whatever your child is like, love and accept them for it. If you had to choose one of the parenting tips to remember, this should be it. Remember, family is often sent to us to teach us important lessons, so as much as you may be teaching your child, they are probably teaching you a plethora of important lessons right back.

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