You have decided on the best type of incentive trip for your participants and picked the ultimate destination for it. Now, you need to carefully select the perfect incentive travel partner to ensure that your event is as spectacular as possible.

While that may sound simple enough, in theory, it’s much harder said than done. You need to find incentive travel partners that tick a lot of boxes. They need to be like-minded, share your company’s values (especially important when it comes to trust), they need to understand the goal of the event, meet your needs and deliver on their promises.

So how do you ensure that you find the incentive travel partner that makes the grade? Here are a few guidelines to finding your dream (incentive) partner:

Experience speaks for itself

Okay, experience doesn’t always speak for itself. It’s possible to find incentive travel partners out there who have been in the business for a while but aren’t very good. However, it’s a relatively good rule to go by. While giving the ‘new kid on the block’ a chance is always a lovely idea, we highly recommend that you find partners and suppliers who have a little bit (or a substantial amount) of experience in MICE behind them.

Look for MICE references on the website and see if you can’t find some information on an event they might have held before. Experience would also mean having a database of MICE contacts themselves which would make your job much easier, allowing you to focus your talents elsewhere.

 Communication is key

When you first contact potential incentive travel partners, it’s important to let them know right from the beginning what your requirements are. Ask them if they would be able to meet you on them or not. That’s the first step you need to take to ensure communication is open and honest.

Open channels of honest communication are vital for a successful working relationship with your partners and suppliers. If you are dealing with potential partners in a different country, try to find one with a strong command of English. If you struggle to find one, however, then it might be wise to hire a translator. You need to make sure that communication is clear and understood to ensure you have the most incredible event with no misunderstandings.

The budget needs to dictate what is possible

This may seem obvious, but your ideal incentive travel partner will be one that can deliver exceptional services within the budget you have. Keep in mind that clients don’t always know what they can get for the budget they provide so you may have some clients wanting pretty amazing things for peanuts. You want to find a partner who can help you pull those – or great alternatives – for the right price.

Flexibility is essential

When speaking to various potential incentive travel partners, keep an eye out for those who can be flexible. Finding a partner who can adapt to change quickly and easily and who has great ideas under pressure (because things can go wrong on the day) is a serious win.

Amazing facilities are a bonus

In an ideal world, you would be able to find a travel incentive partner that offers more than just the basics when it comes to facilities. This enables you to create the dream incentive that you have pictured in your mind. Another thing that is important is the services that your partner can offer you.

This is especially true when you are planning your incentive in a foreign country and may not know the lay of the land as well as the locals. If they aren’t necessarily able to help with the services, they should at the very least, be able to point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for more information on setting phenomenal incentives abroad, then you may be interested in our guide: The Ultimate Guide to Incentive Travel in Spain. Alternatively, you can contact us directly. We at AR Hotels have some of the most exquisite hotels in Costa Blanca –  any of which would be the perfect location for your next event.